The Residential Life Office is pleased to provide students and parents with important information about Student Property Insurance, a service that is available to OWU students through our partnering insurance provider, CSI Insurance Agency, Inc. Through this affordable program, students can protect their personal property, as well as OWU property entrusted to their care. As a reminder, Ohio Wesleyan University is not responsible for a student’s loss of personal property due to theft, flood, fire, etc.

By following the links below, students and parents can obtain valuable information about this program:

  • CSI College Student Insurance: Click on this link to view the College Student Insurance web site, where you can place your order for insurance coverage.
  • CSI Student Property Insurance Brochure: This PDF brochure provides frequently asked questions (FAQs), a brief comparison of CSI and a standard homeowners insurance policy, a description of CSI’s guarantee, and additional information about the program.
  • What Parents Need To Know About Student Property Protection: This is a white paper prepared by CSI that parents may find especially helpful in understanding why student property protection is an important consideration. 
  • Are You Covered?: This 3-slide PDF offers some visual comparisons and at-a-glance information that demonstrates how the College Student Insurance program differs from a standard homeowners insurance policy, as well as some informative statistics about college student property loss.
  • CSI’s Videos: Last but not least, click on this link to view CSI’s Student Insurance Orientation video or their quick spot about having a Bad Day

For additional questions about student property insurance, please contact the Residential Life Office (