The University encourages students to report a concern and/or incident so a response can be initiated and follow up support is provided to members of the community that have been impacted. All submitted reports will be followed up with to the fullest extent that the University is able.

It is important to note that submitting a report will initiate some follow up. If a student is unsure if they want to report something, they are encouraged to contact a confidential resources on-campus to discuss options and process experiences.

Confidential Resources

These reporting options will maintain confidentiality unless required by law to break confidentiality.  Any parties involved in a complaint may speak with:

Online Reporting Tools

Students are encouraged to report any concerns that they have for members of the community.  Please utilize the online reporting tools below to notify University staff about concerns.

If this is an emergency that requires immediate assistance, please call Public Safety (740) 368-2222.