OWU Information Services and the Card ID Office are happy to announce a new service for students, faculty, and staff.  This service provides the following features:

  • View meal and bookstore point balances
  • Purchase meal and bookstore points
  • View recent transactions
  • Report your card lost/found
  • View locations and hours where your card can be used

You can access the site via a web browser or mobile app using the methods below.

  1. GET website from a browser: https://get.cbord.com/owu.
  2. GET Mobile app: Download "GET Mobile" from the App Store or Google Play for use on your iOS or Android device.
  3. Go to myOWU – Quick Links – General Links – OWU Card ID

Account Definitions:

  1. Meal Points - The primary account for residential meal plan purchased at the start of each semester.  Students use this account to purchase food at any of the on-campus dining locations and the store in Thompson Hall.  (non-refundable, points expire at the end of each academic year in May)
  2. Off Campus Dining Points - An extension to the student residential meal plan allowing students to make food purchases at the supported off-campus dining locations. (non-refundable, points expire at the end of each academic year in May)
  3. Voluntary Meal Points - For students, faculty, and staff who wish to purchase additional food points, as needed, for food purchases in any of the on-campus dining locations. (non-refundable, student points expire at the end of each academic year in May, faculty/staff points do not expire)
  4. Debit Bookstore/Vending - For students, faculty, and staff who wish to purchase points which can be used in the OWU Bookstore (refundable, points do not expire)

We anticipate adding additional services in the future.  Please send any feedback you may have to Brian Rellinger.

The OWU ID Card serves many functions on campus and off:


Your OWU ID card is a photo ID that can be used to prove your identity and/or your affiliation to the University. Carry your official Ohio Wesleyan ID at all times. It is void upon termination or interruption of your OWU enrollment or employment.

Building Access

Your OWU ID card may be used to unlock external doors to your residence hall and/or buildings that you have permission to enter. Contact the Card Office or Public Safety if you need access to a building or if your card isn't working where you think it should.

Food Points for On-Campus Dining and Off-Campus Restaurants

Faculty, staff and students may use their OWU ID card to pay for food in any of our on-campus dining facilities, including Thomson Store. Students on the Knight-Bishop-Squire meal plans have their meal points added automatically to their card. Faculty/Staff and students exempt from the meal plan can purchase Voluntary Meal Points from the GET Mobile app, GET website, or by visiting the card office. You can also check your balances and review recent transaction history in GET. Your meal point balance is always printed on your sales receipt.

Students on the Knight, Bishop, or Squire plans receive $100 per semester for off-campus dining. Local Delaware restaurants participating in the OWU off-campus dining program accept the OWU ID as payment.  Each year restaurants are selected and voted by WCSA and the student body. Off-campus dining options for the 2016-2017 academic year are:

  • Domino’s Pizza
  • Hamburger Inn
  • Home Slice Bakery
  • Opa Grill & Tavern
  • Subway (Sandusky Street location)
  • Victor's Taco Shop
  • Wendy's (Sandusky Street location)

Library Services

Your OWU ID card is also your OWU library card, and can be used for borrowing materials. More information is on the OWU Library's website.

Debit Card

The OWU ID card can be used as a debit card in the Bookstore. A deposit to the account must be made before you may use the funds. Any deposit made is not available for cash withdrawal, but any remaining balance is returned when a student leaves the University. Student’s purchases are limited by the amount of funds in the account.

Debit deposits can be made with a credit card through the GET Mobile app or the GET website, with cash or by check at the Student Accounts Office in University Hall, or via check or money order through the mail. ACH deposits using a personal bank account and routing number can be completed online at owu.afford.com. Deposits through GET Mobile or the GET website are available immediately, all other deposits will be available for use the next business day. There are no cash withdrawals permitted from the account and the funds cannot be transferred or used to pay other student charges. Credits at the end of the year will automatically carry over to the next year. Remaining balances for graduating seniors and non-returning students will first be applied to the student’s account (tuition), if applicable, and any remaining balance will be refunded via check.

A deposit of $500 is recommended to cover textbook and miscellaneous needs for one semester; however, any amount may be deposited into the OWU debit account. Account balance can be viewed in the GET Mobile app or GET website. Inquiries about the OWU card can be directed to the OWU Card Office during normal business hours, located in the Corns Building or by calling 740-368-3451.

Lost or Found Card

If you lose your OWU ID card, you must come into the Card Office to get a replacement. Students should report a lost card to the card office to have their funds protected. If you happen to find someone else's card, please return it to the Card Office during the week and/or Public Safety on weekends.  Cards can be reported lost by going to the GET website or using the GET mobile app (see above).

Contact Info


R.W. Corns Building #110
61 S. Sandusky St.
Delaware, OH 43015

Card Office Supervisor: Nancy Tumeo
P 740-368-3451
E njtumeo@owu.edu

Office Hours

M-F   8:30 a.m. - noon, 1-5 p.m.