GET Mobile App and Website

Students, faculty, and staff may manage their OWU ID card on their smartphone or other device.  The service provides the following features:

  • View meal balances of different tender types, such as on-campus, off-campus, and voluntary
  • Purchase Dining Dollars and Meal Blocks
  • View recent transactions
  • Report your card lost/found
  • View locations and hours where your card can be used
  • Use the GET Mobile App barcode on your smartphone or tablet to pay at the register.

You can access the site via a web browser or mobile app using the methods below.

  • GET website from a browser:
  • GET Mobile app: Download "GET Mobile" from the App Store or Google Play for use on your iOS or Android device.
  • Go to myOWU and follow the OWU Card ID link.

Also, parents or other relatives may deposit funds into a student's account via the GET website. They will just need the students name and ID number.

The OWU ID Card serves many functions on campus and off:

So take good care of it. Keep it away from wireless charging docks or kickstands. These can fry the proximity chip inside the card.


Your OWU ID card is a photo ID that can be used to prove your identity and/or your affiliation to the University. Carry your official OWU ID at all times. It is void upon termination or interruption of your OWU enrollment or employment.

Starting Fall 2020, incoming freshmen can now add a photograph of their choosing that meets the requirements for the OWU ID. ID cards will be printed and provided upon arrival to campus.

Building Access

Your OWU ID card may be used to unlock external doors to your residence hall and/or buildings that you have permission to enter. Contact the Card Office or Public Safety if you need access to a building or if your card isn't working where you think it should.

Off-Campus Restaurants

Each year restaurants are selected and voted by WCSA and the student body. Off-campus dining options for the 2021-2022 academic year are:

  • Domino's Pizza
  • Fresh Start Café and Bakery
  • Pulp Juice and Smoothie Bar
  • Victor's Taco Shop
  • Wendy's (Sandusky Street location)

On-Campus Dining Card

The OWU ID card can be used to purchase food at any of the on-campus dining locations. 

Students on a qualified meal plan have "Anytime Dining" access at Smith Hall (24 hr) or Marketplace in the Hamilton Williams Campus Center.  Students on a premium plan (Gold or Platinum) receive a fixed amount of "Dining Dollars" which can be used for ala carte food and T-store purchases on campus.  Premium Meal Plans also include a number of "Day Passes" to feed your guests at Smith or Marketplace for the entire day.

Faculty, staff and students exempt from a qualified meal plan can purchase "Meal Blocks" and "Dining Dollars" through the GET Mobile App or

To purchase "Dining Dollars", use the GET Funds link ("Deposit" in Mobile App).

To purchase "Meal Blocks" Use the GET Food link ("Order" in Mobile App).

Library Services

Your OWU ID card is also your OWU library card, and can be used for borrowing materials. More information is on the OWU Library's website.

Lost or Found Card

If you lose your OWU ID card, you must come into the Card Office to get a replacement. Students should report a lost card to the card office to have their funds protected. If you happen to find someone else's card, please return it to the Card Office during the week and/or Public Safety on weekends.  Cards can be reported lost by going to the GET website or using the GET mobile app (see above).

ID Cards for Employee Family Members

Employee spouses and children may be issued an OWU ID card. The employee must accompany their relative to the IS Help Desk and present their current OWU ID. This ID card will then allow the family member to access OWU sporting events and athletic and fitness facilities. Spouses and/or parents of children will need to speak with the Athletics Department to sign any required release of liability to use the equipment there.

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