Introduction to the Department

Philosophy, we believe, is integral to a person’s education, and certainly integral to the mission of a liberal arts college like Ohio Wesleyan University.

With a major in philosophy, you will gain a broad understanding of the history of philosophy and a deep appreciation for it as a practical discipline. By “practical philosophy,” we mean philosophy especially dedicated to questions about how to live and act, and how to understand and evaluate our own lives.

Department Features

  • Philosophy majors gain the ability to think critically, analyze, evaluate, and construct arguments.
  • Another essential skill in philosophy is writing. Majors must complete a Senior Research Seminar, in which a single paper is revised and developed through the course of a semester.
  • Our courses guide students in developing meaningful interpretations of difficult philosophical texts. Students develop abilities associated with oral communication: the ability to listen carefully to the ideas of others, to raise precise and interesting questions, and to articulate and defend complex ideas.

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Department Contact Info


Phillips Hall 114
Ohio Wesleyan University
Delaware, OH 43015
P 740-368-3790

Department Contact

Chair: Dr. Scott Calef
Professor of Philosophy
Phillips Hall 114

Academic Assistant: Kandi Akers
Phillips Hall 52