A party platform is an essential component of any convention. It is a document that lays out the party's official position on social, economic and foreign policy issues. A draft is usually presented to the delegates for debate.

2020 Platform

This is the 2020 Mock Convention Platform. Copies will also be made available at the Convention.


If you wish to propose an amendment to the platform, please use the forms available on this website. You may propose an amendment before the Convention by emailing mock2020@owu.edu OR during the actual convention.

Platform Hearings

During the Fall Semester, the Platform Committee held a series of platform hearings designed to educate the campus about just a few of the issues at stake in the coming election. Hearings were held on climate, immigration, and healthcare. 

Both the Democrats and Republicans hold platform hearings at their nominating conventions every four years. At the platform hearings, party members review a draft of the party platform (usually drafted before the convention). These party members then discuss and debate (1) the final issues that will be included in the official platform, and (2) the party's positions on those issues. Once agreed upon by the committee, the final draft of the party platform will go to the convention floor for a vote.

Hearing panelists included faculty members Ellen Arnold (history), John Krygier (environmental studies) and Nathan Rowley (Geology and Geography) discussing Climate; Robert Gitter (economics) and Phokeng Dailey (communication) discussing Immigration; and Randolph Quaye (Black World Studies), Franchesca Nestor (politics and government) and Dawn Chisebe (Black World Studies) discussing Healthcare.

Platform Hearing #1

You've Got a Big Storm Coming - A conversation about the Global Climate Crisis and the Presidential Election
October 2, 2019

  • Ellen Arnold, Associate Professor of History
  • John Krygier, Director of Environmental Studies
  • Nathan Rowley, Assistant Professor of Geology and Geography
Program (PDF)

Platform Hearing #2

Rhetoric and Reality - A Conversation about Immigration and the Presidential Election
October 23, 2019

  • Phokeng Dailey, Assistant Professor of Communication
  • Robert Gitter, Professor of Economics
Program (PDF)

Platform Hearing #3

Liberty, Justice, and Healthcare For All...?  A Conversation About Healthcare and the Presidential Election
November 12, 2019

  • Randolph Quaye, Professor of Black World Studies
  • Franchesca Nestor, Assistant Professor of Politics and Government
  • Dawn Chisebe, Part-time Professor of Black World Studies
Program (PDF)

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