Various awards and honors are available in the department for students. The recipient lists date back to 1997.

Faculty Award

This award is given to the outstanding senior major. Overall GPA is an important consideration, but grades in department's courses, ability to deal with complex issues, and service to the department also are considered. 

Cash prize. No application is necessary.

List of recipients.

Emily Fitton Prize Paper Award

Established by alumna Emily Fitton, this award is offered to the student who completes the outstanding research paper in a sociology/anthropology course.

It includes a cash prize. The faculty judge this award without knowing the identity of the student. DEADLINE: end of February.

2019 Fitton Guidelines

List of recipients.

Janet King Sociology/Anthropology Award

Established by alumna Janet King, this award is given to a person whose previous work significantly links research or other academic work to public service. No application or nomination is necessary.

The King award includes a cash prize.

List of recipients.

Hough Award

Corinthia and Orsamus D. Hough endowed this award to be granted to a student who shall use it to secure "practical acquaintance with the underprivileged class." This award is competitive, and is normally given to pay expenses for work completed during the following summer.  The recipient is to make a presentation to the department during the fall semester following completion of the project.

To apply, the student should write a brief proposal stating what s/he intends to accomplish; when, where, how, and other details; and how much funding is needed. The amount of the award varies according to the nature of the project. DEADLINE: End of March.

List of recipients.

The Dr. Charlotte Wolf Academic Achievement Award

The husband and family of Dr. Charlotte Wolf, chairperson of our department between 1974-1983, endowed this award in 2002 to honor the memory of Professor Wolf. The award is presented to the senior who, in the opinion of the faculty, has the greatest potential for a career in academic sociology.

List of recipients.

Graduation with Honors

All students matriculating at OWU Fall 2019 or later will follow the guidelines to Graduate with Honors. Students matriculating at OWU prior to Fall 2019 can pursue Graduation with Honors, OR they can choose to pursue Graduation with Honors using the previous University or Departmental Honors guidelines.

Students applying for Departmental Honors should fill out an application from the office of Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. Applicant must pass a comprehensive exam, including written and oral components, and complete a research project to be reviewed by an Examining Committee.

Students applying for University Honors should fill out an application from the office of Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. Applicant must pass a comprehensive written exam. The exam is administered by the Chair of the Department.