Drug Testing Policy

All student-athletes are subject to drug testing according to NCAA guidelines and are expected to follow polices established in the OWU Athletic Department Polices and Procedures Manual.

Compliance with NCAA-Banned Prescription Medications

The NCAA also has a list of banned substances that are commonly used prescription drugs. If you currently use one of the following substances, you will need to have proper documentation of the diagnosis and prescription drug on file completed by the physician, or you may be ruled ineligible if you test positive. Completing the necessary paperwork will hopefully decrease the amount of time of the appeals process if a positive test occurs. Please utilize this cover letter (PDF) and form (PDF) to have the prescribing physician of the banned substance complete and either mail to the address on the cover letter, or bring with you to campus for your physical. This form will need to be updated every academic year. Commonly used prescription drugs that are banned by the NCAA are as follows: Adderall, Anadrol, Androgel, Cylert, Epogen, Lasix, Oxandrin, Ritalin, and Testoderm.

Over the Counter Medications (OTC)

OWU Athletic Trainers recommend avoiding self medicating by the use of over the counter (OTC) medications, herbs, and supplements without proper instruction. Some of these medications are quick resolutions with long term effects. Other OTC medications, like cold medications, should be checked for banned substances. If you have a question about a certain medication, herb, or supplement please discuss it with a Staff Athletic Trainer or OWU Team Physician.