Perkins sponsors many more programs and activities than the weekend activities detailed on this page. Special programs, slide shows, and tours for school classes, clubs, and other organizations may be arranged by calling 740-363-1257.

Daytime Programs (Excludes Weekends)

Daytime programs at Perkins may consist of a slide show, a computerized planetarium demonstration, a tour of the Observatory, and/or observations of the sun using solar-safe telescopes.

Nighttime Programs (Excludes Weekends)

You may schedule a special daytime weekend or nighttime program during the week for your organization (up to 60 people). Programs consist of a talk about stargazing, a tour of the Observatory, and might include observing with Perkins telescopes.

Programs Away from Perkins (Excludes Weekends)

Don Stevens, Director of Perkins Observatory, and an astrophysicist, is available for day or nighttime virtually and in-person to give astronomy talks. In addition, Don may bring along a large, portable telescope if the weather permits a bit of stargazing for the in-person programs.

Other Special Programs

At one time Perkins Observatory rented itself out to host the occasional wedding, birthday party, fund raiser, or other unusual event. However, we no longer rent the observatory for non-astronomy programs, events, or parties.

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