This page of Full Width Callout Block examples will help in understanding how to add them to pages throughout the site below the page content.

Available Full Width Callout Blocks

Content Blocks w/Photo Carousels Events Carousel Featured Custom Event/News Callout
Large Photo Carousel Link List Media Gallery Grid
Multi-Column Text Callouts (Red) News & Events News Headlines
People Carousel Story Callouts with Sidebar Story Carousel
Text Callouts with Red Sidebar Tips & Answers Triple-Column Image Callouts

Some helpful tips:

  • Full width callout blocks can be stacked and rearranged. Click the blue crosshair arrows on a callout card, and drag to reorder them. They will automatically stack on the published page.
  • When editing, pay attention to gray help text for tips throughout BigTree.
  • Avoid trapped white space--full-width callout blocks start below the navigation menu on the right side (on large browser screens.)
  • Student quotes are good to use in callout blocks.
Action Link Title

Featured Custom Event / News Callout

Secondary Title Date

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Multi-Column Text Callouts (Red)

News Headlines (choose a category or pull from all news)

Story Callouts with Sidebar

Red sidebar content. Limit to two story callouts.


Story Carousel

This is the Description. If it's too long, the text will will get truncated...

Text Callouts with Red Sidebar

Title Goes Here

Content goes here.


Tips & Answers

Refresh Tips



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