2024 Literary Awards' Instructions & Links

Thank you for your interest in applying to the English Department's Literary Awards! Please remember you are welcome to apply in more than one genre and with more than one submission per genre.

To apply, please ensure you read and follow the below guidelines:

  1. Each submission form below is for a specific genre. Please ensure you open the appropriate Google Form and that it coincides with the submission genre you are applying in.
  2. All manuscripts should be uploaded as Word or Google Doc files (.doc, .docx, or .gdoc). We will not accept PDFs.
  3. Each uploaded file should contain only one piece of writing; if you are submitting more than one manuscript per genre, please upload each file as a separate document (IE: if you are planning to submit three fiction pieces, please complete the FICTION form only ONCE and upload three SEPARATE files under that one FICTION submission form).
  4. To ensure fairness in judging, please also ensure your name does not appear anywhere in the uploaded document, including on the submission page or in the document's file name. FILES THAT INCLUDE THE WRITER'S NAME WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY DISQUALIFIED.
  5. All submissions must be completed by the March 29th DEADLINE DATE. No late submissions will be accepted.


Thanks for applying! We look forward to reading your work!