Frederick L. Hunt graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University in 1894.  He received his Master's degree from the University of Chicago in 1896.  He began his teaching career at Culver Military Academy in 1900 with his appointment as Chairman of the English Department and Librarian.  He taught there for the next thirty-eight years, eventually rising to the rank of "Chairman of the Faculty."  Over his long career, he never lost his love for teaching or reading the literary creations of his students.

One of his students of the 1920s, Joshua Logan of theatrical fame, started on the road to success under the influence of this dynamic teacher of English.

During the 1959-60 school year, an award was established from the estate of F.L. Hunt to recognize and promote student interest in English at Ohio Wesleyan.

This award is given to the writer or writers who, in the judgment of the English Department of the University, have shown "the greatest proficiency and promise in creative writing."  Please find the last five (5) years' award winners listed below.  For an exhaustive list of past recipients, please email the department at

Year Place Recipient
2024 1st Alexie Otworth '24
2nd Savannah Brantley
2023 1st Savannah Brantley
2nd Alexie Otworth '24
2022 1st Lily Callander '22
2nd 2ndKaterina Barry '22
2021 1st Stephanie DeSoto '21
2nd Dmitri Ashakih '22
2020 1st Megan Tyhurst '20
2nd Anthony Padget-Gettys '20