This prize was established by Mr. William Wolff II to honor Dr. Lewes because she had had such a significant influence on the life of his son, Ken.  A Politics and Government major in the Class of 1994, Kenneth M. Wolff studied with Professor Lewes in English 265, Elements of Style and Rhetoric.

Now retired, Professor Lewes joined the Ohio Wesleyan English Department in 1978.  She received her B.A. from Cornell and her M.A. and Ph.D. from Harvard.  With a long-standing interest in teaching expository writing, she coordinated the English Department's Non-Fiction Writing Program and directed Ohio Wesleyan's Writing Resource Center, where she also tutored and helped students prepare for the LSAT and the MCAT.  In the English Department, she taught Elements of Style and Rhetoric and the Non-Fiction Writing Workshop.  She was also committed to improving writing pedagogy in elementary and secondary schools.  With the help of state funding, she offered workshops for teachers at all levels and conducted longitudinal studies of writing instruction in Ohio's public schools.

Professor Lewes's literary interests include the Middle Ages and the English Renaissance, especially Shakespeare.  She regularly taught a popular course entitled Shakespeare:  The Human Experience, as well as Drama, 1600-1900:  The Development of "Realism."  She frequently offered sections of Literary Perspectives on Women.

The Ülle Lewes Prize is awarded to the student who has shown the greatest proficiency and promise in non-fiction writing.  Please find the last five (5) years' award winners listed below.  For an exhaustive list of past recipients, please email the department at

Year Recipient
2024 Katie Davis
2023 Savannah Brantley
2022 Isabela Bernstein '23
2021 Haley Pero-Favazzo '23
2020 Erin Brady '20