Ohio's Primary Election is March 17, 2020!

Identification requirements:

  • To vote on Election Day, you will need to be able to state your physical address (one that matches the physical address you used to register to vote--see the list below) and provide proof of your identity.  
  • An OH driver's license will work, but if you don't have one, contact Dr. Nestor at fvnestor@owu.edu for a utility bill that you can use as proof of your identity/residency. 
  • Check for your polling place location here: https://www.sos.state.oh.us/elections/voters/toolkit/polling-location/

Early voting:

  • If you would like to vote early, early voting is underway (location in Delaware is the Delaware County Board of Elections on Rt. 23) and continues until 2 PM on March 16.  
  • If you need a ride to early voting, look for announcements on the OWU Daily about shuttle options the first week of March.

Voting absentee:

November 2020 General Election

  • The deadline to register to vote in the Tuesday, November 3 general election in OH is Monday, October 5.
  • See voter registration information below.

For guidance on important dates and deadlines in other states, consult Rock the Vote's website: https://www.rockthevote.org/

Physical Addresses of Residence Halls and Houses

Bashford Hall 70 South Liberty
Hayes Hall   165 West William
Smith Hall     38 South Liberty
Stuyvesant Hall     223 West William
Thomson Hall       62 South Liberty
Welch Hall    56 South Liberty
4 Williams Drive      4 Williams Drive
Bigelow-Reed House  23 Williams Drive
Panhel House      30 Williams Drive
Alpha Sigma Phi        9 Williams Drive
Chi Phi 216 North Franklin
Delta Tau Delta      20 Williams Drive
Phi Gamma Delta (Fiji)  35 Williams Drive
Sigma Phi Epsilon 10 Williams Drive
Honors House 81 Oak Hill
House of Black Culture 65 Oak Hill
Citizens of the World (COW)  88 Oak Hill
Creative Arts House (CAH) 123 Oak Hill
House of Linguistic Diversity (HOLD) 94A Rowland Avenue
La CASA   110B Rowland Avenue
Inter-Faith House (IF)    118A Rowland Avenue
Peace & Justice House (P&J)  94B Rowland Avenue
Sexuality & Gender Equality House 118B Rowland Avenue
Tree House 110A Rowland Avenue


Registering to Vote:

Not registering to vote in Ohio?

Voter Registration Info for all 50 States is available at Rock the Vote.

Registering to vote in Ohio?  Continue below. 

If you have an Ohio driver’s license, you may register to vote online.

If you do not have an Ohio driver’s license, you need to print, fill out, sign, and return the registration form to the Ohio county Board of Elections where you are registering (e.g., if you are registering to vote in Delaware County, send the form to the Delaware County Board of Elections).   

Tips for Completing Ohio Voter Registration Form:

  • Fill out the form in blue or black ink.
  • Where the form says “I am:” check whether you are:
    • registering as an Ohio voter for the first time,
    • updating your address,
    • or updating your name.
  • To find out if you are already registered and/or if you need to update your address, look here. If your address has changed, you MUST use the form to update it.
  • Items 1 and 2: check “yes” if you are a U.S. citizen and “yes” if you are going to be 18 by the next general election (by November 3, 2020).
  • Item 3: Last Name and First Name and Middle Initial
  • Items 4, 5, and 6. Enter your PHYSICAL ADDRESS. This may or may not be your mailing address.  If you are registering to vote in Delaware, you SHOULD NOT use your HWCC mailing address, but rather your dorm’s PHYSICAL ADDRESS.  Campus physical addresses are listed below.
  • Item 7. Enter your mailing address if it is different than your physical address. If registering to vote in Delaware, this is where you would enter your HWCC mailing address and box number.
  • Item 8. Enter the county you live in/where you are registering.
  • Item 9. Your birthdate.
  • Item 10. Your Ohio driver’s license number or last four digits of your Social Security number.
  • Item 11. Your phone number (not required).
  • Item 12. If you are UPDATING your registration, here is where you enter your OLD mailing address/the address under which you were previously registered.  If you are registering for the first time, you need not enter anything in this section.
  • Item 13. If you are changing your name, enter your former legal name here.
  • Item 14. Sign and date.
  • Mail your form to the county Board of Elections where you are registering (e.g., if you are registering in Delaware, send it to the Delaware County Board of Elections, if you are registering in Licking County, send it to the Licking County Board of Elections).

Sample Registration Forms (link here to scan of sample forms)


Complete Voter Registration Information for Ohio is available from Ohio Secretary of State