People trained in the field of public health are critical to keeping communities healthy, preventing and managing pandemics, working toward social justice, managing disaster relief, and increasing access to health care for all. The field offers vast opportunities for meaningful careers of vital work.

The OWU Public Health major trains you to understand and work in the promotion of health and the prevention of disease. You will build a foundation in the profession in a range of public health settings, and transferable skills for careers in public policy, health professions, social science, law, private industry, nonprofit institutions, education, and government.

You will learn to identify and address health inequities; evaluate community capacities to promote health; use epidemiological methods to explore major health concerns, disparities, and underlying causes; and leverage resources and collaborations to solve health-related problems to improve the wellness of the world.

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Graduate Outcomes

Allison Kolbe '12

Allison Kolbe is a science policy analyst at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in Washington, D.C., where she has worked on issues such as rolling out the COVID-19 vaccine effectively.

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Christopher Fink
Associate Professor of Health and Human Kinetics