To schedule an appointment, please call us at 740-368-3145 during business hours (Monday-Friday 8:30 am- 5pm; closed from 12-1pm). You have the option to start with either an intake appointment if you would like ongoing counseling or a brief consultation appointment if you have a specific question or concern you would like to discuss in one session. Please have your current schedule available before scheduling your appointment. If you feel this is an urgent matter that cannot wait until your scheduled phone screening, please call 888-507-3071 for 24/7 access to a mental health counselor through the Virtual Care Group. 

If you are needing to reschedule an appointment please give our office a call at 740-368-3145 and our Office Manager will be happy to find you another appointment time that works with your schedule.  If you do not have a phone or access to a computer/another internet capable device please stop into our office during business hours to speak with our Office Manager.  

Counseling is a confidential service and all appointments should only be accessed by the individual who intends to receive services.  Please do not schedule appointments on behalf of other students.  Please schedule your appointment carefully as no-showing or canceling may lead to delays in care. 

There are limits to confidentiality.  when we are concerned about the imminent well being of an individual (risk of harm to self or others) or in the cases of CURRENT reported endangerment/abuse of children, elderly persons, and persons with a disability. 

If you are a faculty/staff member, please visit OWU EAP. Counseling Services are for current OWU students only. 

What happens during an intake appointment?

The intake appointment is an important part of the counseling process that lays the necessary foundation for developing a therapeutic relationship, identifying treatment goals, and addressing symptoms. The day before your appointment, you will receive information via email to fill out paperwork through our secure link. This paperwork provides us with important details regarding you and your presenting concerns so that we can work towards collaborating on the best treatment plan to fit your needs. This paperwork also includes our informed consent, which provides you with more information about benefits, risks, and expectations of counseling within our office so that you can decide whether you would like to participate.

During the intake appointment, you will meet with one of our licensed clinicians who will review your paperwork and focus the conversation on getting a full picture of your presenting concerns. They will also answer any questions or concerns you have regarding the counseling process (including confidentiality and related limitations). Towards the end of this appointment and continuing into future sessions, you and your counselor will collaborate on a treatment plan consisting of goals you have that will direct the work you do together. At times, the intake appointment may also result in students being referred to off-campus mental health treatment providers or other offices depending on their needs. In these situations, we will assist students in identifying other options that will provide more intensive and/or specialized services.

What if I am returning for services?

If you are returning to Counseling Services, you should let the front desk staff know this when you call to schedule services. They will find your previous information so that it is available to the counselor when you return. Depending on when you re-engage with our services, you may need to complete a new intake appointment. Examples include seeking out our services after summer break or after your previous client file was closed. We will do our best to link you with a preferred clinician depending on availability and clinical recommendations.  

*Of note, we are unable to provide documentation for specific accommodations, such as campus housing and ESAs. We are happy to provide other resources, if needed. 

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