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The college years represent an exciting and transitory time in students’ lives as they navigate from adolescence to adulthood.  Students at Ohio Wesleyan can experience stress from a number of sources, including academic, familial, relational, and self-esteem to name just a few. Many students navigate these difficulties just fine and do not require assistance from staff or faculty.  Many others do not, and will benefit by the intervention of invested individuals at OWU.

Staff and faculty are in unique positions to observe student behaviors over a period of time.  We all have bad days that happen from time to time.  Typically, when others in our lives experience these, we are able to tell.  In the long run, these are not concerning and symptoms will remit.  However, faculty and staff are also able to witness when distress appears to be long-term and may be concerning.  These may take the form of troubling verbal disclosures or written material.

Please use the Reporting Student Concerns Form if you have become aware of a student dealing with issues/concerns. This report will not be forwarded to or reviewed by Counseling Services personnel. Your concern will be routed to the Dean of Students for review, assessment, and action as needed.

Please see our Faculty and Staff Referral Guide (PDF) for specific suggestions regarding how to manage challenges you may encounter with a student of concern.


As staff or faculty member, you may be in the unique position to observe a student behavior over a period of time.  During office hours, in academic advising, through telecommunication, etc., you may witness personal problems adversely impacting academic success or daily functioning.

Counseling Services is available to you in the above situations.  Should you like to consult, please call us at 740-368-3145 and request to speak with one of our consultants.  If a staff member is not immediately available, we will return your call as soon as possible.  Our consultants are available during normal business hours.

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