Counseling Services offers a wide range of services to the Ohio Wesleyan community.

Regarding the confidentiality of our therapy services:

In accordance with Ohio law, communication between counselors and clients is privileged. Written permission is required for information to be released to any person or agency outside Counseling Services. Exceptions are made only in the event of danger to your physical safety, to the safety of others, if you disclose information regarding a child or elderly person who is at risk of being harmed, or when the law requires.


Provides students with the opportunity to maximize their potential by addressing personal and/or professional concerns that may interfere with their progress. The details and course of counseling are worked out collaboratively by the student and counselor. Short-term counseling allows the student to work on immediate concerns and, typically, come to a resolution. An appropriate referral may be made for further counseling or therapeutic services.


Allows couples to experience short-term support for problems they find challenging to overcome on their own. While individual therapy can be a good way to address individual concerns and underlying issues, couples counseling looks at what's going on in "the system.” The therapist can often help partners communicate with each other. Many couples experience relief at getting the support and feedback counseling can provide.


Provide assistance to faculty, staff, parents, and students concerned about psychological issues on campus. Typically, consultation involves talking with a skilled counselor or psychologist and developing a plan to address concerns.


Staff are aware that situations requiring immediate attention do exist. We provide students immediate access to the Virtual Care Group, which includes a phone support service that is available any time of day or night throughout the year. This supportive service can be accessed by calling 855-522-1226.

Students can create an account with the Virtual Care Group at and have 24/7 access to medical and mental health support from any of their devices. This is a free service to OWU students and does not require a payment or insurance claim.

In addition, we offer triage phone calls for students seeking assessment support and most students can arrange such an appointment within 48 hours. 


Offers community outreach programs on a variety of relevant topics. Programs can be presented in various settings including the classroom, residential halls, or Counseling Services itself. Possible topics include stress management, assertiveness skills, conflict management, and sexual assault education. Please complete the outreach request form at least two weeks prior to your event.


 Is provided on a variety of professionally related topics to faculty, staff, and student groups. Additionally, Counseling Services facilitates the professional development of doctoral students through participation in our practicum training program.


Offers the Ohio Wesleyan community referrals to outside mental health resources. Referrals are made when it is determined that our services are not appropriate.


Allows students to interact with peers struggling with similar issues or concerns. Groups are facilitated by professional counselors and occur on an intermittent basis in response to a shared topical area of need among students.


See our Wellness Resources for information about additional resources available through Counseling Services. Highlights include our relaxation room, which contains massage chairs and calming CDs. This room serves as a quiet place for relaxation and meditation. Students may utilize this room at any time during our regular business hours. We also provide access to a light therapy lamp in our office.

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Counseling Services
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