What does it mean to follow Jesus? To share the good news of the risen Christ? How do we stand in solidarity with those in the margins of society? What does it mean to find wholeness in the midst of campus life … or in today’s society? How can I mindfully blend academics and faith? Who can I talk with about…? Does the Bible really say…?

These aren’t the only questions you’ll hear asked in the Christian community at OWU, but they certainly get the ball rolling.

And you’ll hear all kinds of answers, too. The Protestant community on campus draws from numerous denominations, theological perspectives, and worldviews, bringing us a diversity that is both a challenge and a blessing.

The joy is that you can find a place in the body of Christ here, whether you’re looking for fellowship, worship, study, sacrament, or conversation. You can use the tabs to the right to explore the programs and student groups that exist on campus.

We don’t have a Sunday morning service on campus since Sundays are historically reserved for worship in local churches. However, students are welcome to worship freely in Peale Chapel during any time that Hamilton-Williams is open.

Whatever your faith perspective, you are welcome to continue your journey here.

Chad Johns, Interim Chaplain


Hamilton-Williams Campus Center #308
Delaware, Ohio 43015
P 740-368-3088
E cejohns@owu.edu