Designed exclusively for first-generation students, the Bishop Elevate First-Generation Internship Program connects students with valuable hands-on internship experiences. Bishop Elevate internships are curated to support your professional and personal development. You'll gain practical skills through meaningful projects and receive guidance from experienced mentors.

Benefits for Bishop Elevate Student Interns:

  • Professional Skill Growth: Through hands-on experience, interns gain the confidence needed to navigate the complex world of work. Whether it's leading a project, making presentations, or handling real-world challenges, our program empowers students to believe in their abilities. Bishop Elevate Interns gain essential competencies aligned with NACE standards, preparing them for future success in the job market.

  • Mentorship: Internship supervisors serve as mentors and offer guidance, support, and insights throughout the internship journey. Supervisors working with first-generation interns are committed to helping students reach their full potential.

  • Access to Tailored Programs and Workshops: We recognize the importance of creating a strong sense of community and solidarity among first-generation students. Bishop Elevate Interns will have access to exclusive programs and workshops each semester centered on success in and outside of the professional world, networking, and personal and professional development.

  • Professional Dress Stipend: We want our interns to feel confident and look the part. That's why each Bishop Elevate Intern receives a $250 stipend to invest in professional attire, ensuring they are ready to make a strong impression in any professional setting.

  • Networking Opportunities: Building a professional network is essential for success. Bishop Elevate Interns have the chance to connect with professionals, alumni, and peers, providing them with valuable contacts for future career opportunities.