Join the First-Gen OWU Community

We recognize the immense value that faculty and staff play in shaping the academic journey of our first-gen students. Your insights, experiences, and support can make a significant difference in their lives and contribute to their success.

We invite you to join the First-Gen OWU community and complete the First-Gen Faculty and Staff Information Form. This brief form is designed to gather essential information about your experiences and background, which will enable us to:

  1. Create a strong support network: By understanding your unique perspectives and insights, we can create a supportive network that empowers first-gen students to thrive at OWU.

  2. Facilitate tailored events: Your responses will guide us in organizing events and workshops tailored to the specific needs of first-gen students. These events will provide valuable resources and tools to help them excel both academically and personally.

Tips for Supporting First-Gen Students