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  • The WCSA Budget Committee allocates money to student clubs and organizations who are In Good Standing with the Student Involvement Office. 
  • At the end of each semester, groups may submit a budget proposal for the upcoming semester through the spring and fall funding process. 
  • The Budget Committee holds weekly meetings for groups with supplemental funding needs.
  • Each club or organization is REQUIRED to attend the Budget Management System training prior to submitting for semester funding. The fall dates are provided below. 
  1. Student clubs and organizations must be In good standing with the Student Involvement Office in order to receive funding from WCSA.
  2. WCSA shall allocate student clubs and organizations semesterly budget for each academic year. Additional requests are heard on a weekly basis.
  3. All spring and fall funding requests must be submitted using the required Spring or Fall Funding Request Form established by WCSA. It must be submitted by the deadline established by the Budget Committee.
  4. WCSA is not obligated to provide any funds. The following factors are taken into consideration for each request: balance in funds, campus community impact, cost effectiveness, need and availability of event.
  5. If an organization fails to send a representative to the request meeting hearing, WCSA has the right to recommend $0 for the funding request.
  6. Officers of a student organization are personally responsible for use of WCSA funding. WCSA is not liable for any debt or obligation incurred by a student organization and reserves the right to pursue appropriate action against individuals who misappropriate WCSA funds.
  7. The Budget Committee may remove funds from any student organization account that has posted no transactions for a period exceeding 3 months, unless such club or organization whose proposed event(s) are set to occur later in the academic year.
  8. At the end of the academic year, all funds remaining in student club or organization accounts shall be removed and placed back in the WCSA general allocation account.
  9. WCSA maintains very strict and precise guidelines governing the allocation of funds to events political in the Budget Committee and WCSA shall make judgments regarding events of mixed or ambiguous natures according to the provisions of their guidelines (Section V of guidelines).
    • WCSA may fund on-campus events of a political nature if such events are primarily educational in purpose, beneficial to the student body, non-injurious to the University community, and judged to possess merit and value. WCSA will not fund on-campus events of a political nature if such events are solely partisan in nature and bereft of educational value.
    • WCSA will not fund student transportation to or participation in off-campus events of which the central purpose is: partisan advocacy; fundraising for a political party or candidate(s) for political office; any activity in which participation manifests itself primarily through action of any type reasonably expected to influence government officials or hinder the enforcement of any law or regulation of the United States, respective states or their political subdivisions, or any foreign state in which the event may take place.

    • WCSA may fund student transportation to and participation in political events in which: participation is primarily through the consumption of information presented by a third party; the main focus is in either an observational or philosophical context, is primarily educational, service, religious, cultural, career oriented, or of immediate and verifiable benefit to the community.
  10. No WCSA funds will be allocated for the purchase of food items unless it is essential to the function of the event or organization.
  11. No more than three off-campus conferences or competitions will be funded by WCSA per organization per year, with some exceptions.
  12. WCSA will fund up to 50% of conference or competition registration fees, with the exception of club sports.
  13. WCSA will not allocate funds to any organization that maintains an off-campus bank account. WCSA will allocate funds only by transfer to a University student organization account through the Student Involvement Office.
  14. WCSA may allocate funds to student clubs and organizations for uniforms if they are an integral part of the activities of the organization, but such an allocation can be made only once every four years and uniforms must be stored in the club sport storage cage located in HWCC at the end of each season.
  15. WCSA will only allocate funds for events in advance, and will not reimburse any organization for any expense that was not approved beforehand by WCSA through the provisions their Guidelines.
  16. WCSA will not allocate funds to honorary societies, academic departments or their subsidiaries, or University athletic programs with the exception of club sports.
  17. The Budget Committee may fund any Spring or Fall budget request at up to