The Division of Student Engagement and Success is made up of eleven departments/units that provide support services, resources, and engagement opportunities to students in order to enrich and advance learning in their collegiate journey.

Student Engagement and Success Organization Chart

Mission & Vision

  • To assist students in successfully completing their academic program.
  • To empower students by providing a challenging and supportive environment for personal growth and leadership opportunities.
  • To facilitate students’ developmental process of becoming an active and productive adult citizen with a personal mission.
  • To challenge our students to strengthen their sense of community and social tolerance locally and globally.
  • To address the needs of the whole student in the pursuit of a positive college experience.
  • To collaborate with students, faculty, staff and alumni in the establishment and acceptance of values-based community standards.

With the understanding that all members of our Ohio Wesleyan University community will continue to grow and develop, we commit ourselves to an effort of lifelong learning.