$30,000 for students with a 3.4 cumulative GPA and accompanying 23 ACT or 1150 SAT

College tuition is high. Especially at a private college. Students and families are telling us that costs are a real barrier to a high-quality education, like the one OWU provides.

Approximately 97% of Ohio Wesleyan students receive some form of merit-based
scholarship or need-based aid. In 2016-17, the financial aid office distributed $14 million
in OWU grants and scholarships to first-year students. In addition, the incoming class
received an average package of more than $40,000 in merit-based and need-based aid.

We want to make sure that you have access to the kind of personalized, challenging, hands-on educational experience that OWU offers, and keep our net cost at a level that makes it competitive with public university tuition. With that in mind, we have created a transparent and easy-to-understand merit-based program, that recognizes academically strong students. 

For best consideration for these awards and scholarships, please apply by January 15.  If you are admitted to Ohio Wesleyan, your application is automatically reviewed to determine whether you qualify for merit awards and scholarships.

Academic Scholarships

Branch Rickey
In honor of OWU alumnus Branch Rickey, manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers and famous for the role he played in integrating Major League Baseball with the signing of Jackie Robinson, this scholarship is given to outstanding first-year students.
Requirements:  3.4 GPA and an accompanying 23 ACT or 1150 SAT score
Renewable:  Good academic standing and up to four years

These scholarships range up to $20,000 and are provided to first-year students with true potential for success. Retention of these scholarships requires recipients to remain in good academic standing at OWU.

This award is given to enrolling children, stepchildren, grandchildren, and step grandchildren of Ohio Wesleyan University alumni. Retention of scholarship requires recipients to remain in good academic standing at OWU. Please note that the Legacy Award cannot be combined with another merit scholarship offer. Legacy students who qualify for a merit scholarship with a higher value than the Legacy Award, will receive that merit award instead, and will not receive the Legacy Award.

Meek Community Service and Leadership Awards recognize first-­year students with a demonstrated commitment to service and leadership. To retain this scholarship, students must remain in good academic standing and be involved with community service for the duration of their studies at OWU.

Child/Spouse of Clergy
This award is given to dependent children and/or the spouse of an ordained minister (with benefit of pension) under appointment of a Bishop of the United Methodist Church, either in the local church or beyond the local church. Retention of scholarship requires recipients to remain in good academic standing at OWU.

Department Awards
Merit awards are also conferred by various academic departments, including Fine Arts, Music, Theatre and Dance, Economics, and Education.  These scholarships are awarded based on competitive review (portfolio, audition, interview) by respective departments. Awards vary.

Access Scholarship Program
OWU values our community partners that can help us provide access and opportunity to promising students.  To that end, we have created the Access Scholarship Program. For admitted Access Scholars qualifying for need-based aid, Ohio Wesleyan will meet 100 percent of demonstrated financial need for all four years as determined by the FAFSA.