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2022 Band Camp
Arrival and Practice Times

Full Band practice and team-building activities run August 7-12. But depending on your role in band, there are different move-in dates to use our time most efficiently (and to work with Res Life staff most effectively). Check the 2022 Marching Bishops handbook for details.

A detailed camp schedule will be posted online by late July. Except for a late morning start on Sunday, August 7, all required rehearsals and activities will be held 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM throughout band camp.

  • Drumline: move-in on August 2nd (6 - 8 PM); camp begins August 3
  • Student Leadership Team: move-in on August 4 (6 - 8 PM); camp begins August 5
  • All Veteran Members: move-in on August 6 (10 AM - Noon); assist with New Member arrival Saturday evening; camp begins August 7
  • All New Members: move-in on August 6 (6 - 8 PM); camp begins August 7

This Is Your Band!

Friendships & Teamwork. Excitement & Energy. Leadership & Service.

Become part of a growing OWU tradition open to all students! The Marching Bishops use a hybrid of corps and show band marching traditions featuring woodwinds, brass, percussion, and color guard. Our music style features rock, blues, hip hop, eclectic punk, and upbeat high energy tunes. 

Fun Facts About The Marching Bishops:

  1. Student Leaders Ready To Help!
    The secret of OWU’s success is our dedicated students eager to help each other succeed. The Marching Bishops are fortunate to have an outstanding 2022 student leadership team ready to help new band members thrive at OWU.
  2. Great Teachers!
    Leading the Marching Bishops is Dr. Richard Edwards, OWU Director of Bands, and Dr. Chris Lizak, Assistant Marching Band Director and percussion instructor.
  3. New Uniforms!
    The Marching Bishops have a dramatic new look that blends classic tradition with cutting edge style.
  4. Manageable Practice Times!
    We have three rehearsals per week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 4:30-6:00 PM ending in mid-November. Our practice times do not overlap with any courses, but if a class or lab runs late we can make it work. We’ll always be done in time for dinner, studying, and evening activities. 

    Except for special performances, there is no marching band on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Sundays. The season concludes with an awards banquet the week after our final game of the season.
  5. Scholarships Available!
    A select number of students who enroll in The Marching Bishops are eligible to receive a $500 scholarship in their first year which increases by $100 each successive year. Applications for Marching Band scholarships must be submitted online by April 30, 2022. Learn more and apply now!
  6. Gigs & Games!
    The Marching Bishops provide fun-filled performances at Saturday home football games as well as select special events both on and off campus. The tentative 2022 Marching Bishops Performance Calendar includes current plans for when and where we'll throughout Ohio this fall.
  7. Band Camp: (see dates listed above for 2022!)
    Be there! Band Camp begins approximately two weeks before the start of school and is provided at no extra charge for all band members. This is when we’ll establish our marching fundamentals, rehearse music, set drill, and most importantly - we’ll form friendships that last a lifetime. 

    Once all on-campus students are moved-in, the general band camp schedule runs 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM including three meals, indoor/outdoor music and marching rehearsals, and  social activities. A specific itinerary will be released about a week before band camp with instructions on when/where to report for each activity.