Scholarships Available for Fall 2024!

***Scholarships for 2024 have been awarded.  Please check back next year!***

A limited number of $500 scholarships are available with an interview to incoming OWU students who enroll in the Marching Bishops. The scholarship award increases by $100 for each successive year the student enrolls in the Marching Bishops.

Apply Now!
Marching Bishops Scholarships Information Form (due no later than February 12, 2024)

In order to qualify for a Marching Band Scholarship, students must satisfy these requirements:

1. Complete the above form by Monday, February 12, 2024.

2. Have plans to enroll in MUSP 017 (Marching Band).  Accepting a scholarship is committing to joining the group!

3. To keep your scholarship: maintain enrollment, excellent attendance, and academic performance in MUSP 017 (Marching Band).  Please note that should you choose to not enroll in Marching Band during your time at OWU, your scholarship will be revoked.

All students applying for a Marching Band scholarship should have an application already submitted to OWU. If not, please contact Dr. Lizak prior to filling out this form.

After filling out this form, Dr. Lizak will contact you to set up a short Zoom interview.  Please make sure to list an email you check regularly.  NOTE:  most school district provided emails tend to have very strict filters, so please provide a personal email address when possible.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Lizak at  Thanks!

Contact Information

Marching Band Directors

Chris Lizak, DMA
Marching Band Director and Instructor of Percussion

Melissa Grimes
Assistant Marching Band Director