OWU Marching Bishops Student Leadership Team
2022 SLTs

The Marching Bishops seek students who are passionate about marching band, eager to develop leadership skills, and dedicated to positively impacting the culture of our ensemble. All student leaders are expected to attend a 10-15 minute weekly SLT planning meeting outside of regular rehearsals.

After reviewing the job descriptions and responsibilities listed below, please complete the SLT Application Form. You may apply for more than one position.

Available Positions

  • Drum Major -- This student leader’s primary responsibility is to serve as the on-field conductor for the Marching Bishops. The individual in this role will also be expected to serve on the field as an instructional assistant during rehearsals when not conducting.
  • Section Leaders (~6) -- The role of these student leaders is to oversee a section or sections within the band. They will assist in taking attendance, leading sectionals, providing constructive feedback on marching fundamentals, and administering memorization checks for the members of their section or sections. Section Leader assignments are subject to change based on the strengths of the candidates who apply and the expected size of the section. Last fall’s section leader assignments included 
    • Flute 
    • Clarinet/Saxophone
    • High Brass (trumpets, mellophones)
    • Low Brass (trombones, baritones, tubas) 
    • Percussion
    • Auxiliary (color guard, majorettes)
  • Field Commander – Responsible for teaching the fundamentals of marching and maneuvering at the start of every rehearsal, as well as coordinating stretching at the beginning of rehearsal.
  • Equipment Manager – Responsible for planning and organizing the percussion and low brass sections to provide safe storage and transport for all equipment involved with rehearsals and performances.
  • Choreography/Stands Leader – Responsible for coordinating, instructing, and creating choreography for parade block, as well as cheers, chants and dances in the stands.
  • Uniform Manager – Responsible for planning and organizing the careful distribution of full uniforms throughout the marching season.
  • Band Librarian – Responsible for organizing the printed materials associated with the marching band including music folders and drill packets.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Full-time student in good standing with the university
  • Returning as a veteran member of the 2022 Marching Bishops
  • Minimum 2.5 overall GPA

How to Join the Team

    1. Complete the SLT application process Google Form
    2. Do your best! You bring unique gifts to the table; the interview is when those gifts shine through.

Important Dates

  • Friday, April 8:                                                                                        11:59 PM SLT applications due
  • Friday, April 15:                                                   1:00 - 4:00 PM SLT Interviews Day 1 option
  • Monday, April 18:                                                6:00 - 8:00 PM SLT Interviews Day 2 option
  • Thursday, April 21                                                             6:00 PM SLT positions announced

As soon as selections are made, the team will collaborate to select dates and times for two 60-minute spring leadership training sessions. These sessions will focus on team-building, broad leadership concepts, and learning to provide effective musical and marching feedback.


OWU Marching Bishops Staff




Marching Band Director

Rich Edwards


Assistant Band Director & Percussion Instructor

Chris Lizak


Color Guard Instructor

Kortney Reed