Some selections may change due to scheduling needs or to maintain a mentally healthy pace of learning.


SHOW 1 - "Binge TV"

SHOW 2 (Homecoming!) - "The Bell-Bottoms Show"

SHOW 3 - "Love, Loss, and Redemption"

  • Say Hey, I Love You (coming soon)
  • Lonely Boy (coming soon)
  • Here It Goes Again (coming soon)

SHOW 4 - "A Tribute to Marching Bishops Past, Present, And Future "

  • Land of 1000 Dances (coming soon) (mp3)
  • Respect (mp3)
  • Uptown Funk (mp3)


 (more to come...)


Flags Skills:

  • Drop spins (both right and left hand)
  • Double-time drop spins (both right and left hand)
  • Butterflies (both right and left hand)
  • Pole hits (both right and left hand)
  • Flutters (both right and left hand)
  • Cones (both right and left hand)
  • Pop toss (both right and left hand)
  • Stir toss (both right and left hand)
  • Right-handed 45 toss
  • Left-handed 45 toss
  • J toss
  • 30-45 seconds of your favorite routine
  • Your favorite skill or toss!

One Baton Skills:

  • 2 finger twirls (vertical & horizontal, right & left) 
  • Flash (right & left)
  • Reverse toss
  • Drops
  • Back drop
  • Arm slide
  • Figure 8's (up & down)
  • Thumb toss (catch right & left)
  • Horizontal toss with prep
  • Butterflies
  • Whips (on back series & horizontal pivot whips)
  • Elbow roll (catch left & right)

INSTRUCTIONS for Pre-Camp Part Assignment Auditions

Complete the Pre-Camp Audition Google Form to reserve a Live Audition spot. For video auditions, please follow these steps when making your recording and submitting it online. Students who don’t have access to their marching instrument over the summer do not need to complete the Audition Form and will get their part assignments on the first day of camp.

1. What do I say?

Announce your name and the title for each of your songs or exercises. Color Guard and Auxiliary members do not need to announce each of their skill demonstrations.

2. What do I play?

Woodwinds and Brass:

- Prepare a performance of the OWU Fight Song (NEW 2021 arrangement) and the OWU Alma Mater (NEW 2021 arrangement). Fight Song tempo should be dotted quarter note = 132; Alma Mater should be quarter note = 100. 


- For students interested in Snare, Tenors, and/or Bass Drum, please prepare the OWU Fight Song (NEW 2021 arrangement) as written, and the "Stone Stick Control" exercise (under "Band Chorales & Exercises" at the bottom of the PDF Practice Parts page). If you have access to the proper instruments, please perform on them if possible. If not, a pad will work fine. The fight song tempo should be dotted quarter note = 132, and the stone stick control is quarter note = 90 (please do all repeats).

- Students exclusively interested in cymbals may prepare the Fight Song cymbal part only.

Color Guard and Auxiliary:

- Prepare the flag and/or twirler skills on the PDF Practice Parts subpage under "Color Guard and Auxiliary Skills"

3. If I record myself, what title do I give my video file(s)?

Please save all video files with your last name, your instrument, and the type of audition you’re submitting. For example, “Edwards-Trombone-FightSong”

4. How do I submit my video file(s)?

Any of these methods are fine:

- Share a YouTube link with Dr. Edwards (if you make this a private video, please make sure that,, and have permission to view).

- Upload .mp4 or .mov files to this Google Drive folder:

Questions? Advice? Email us and we’ll work it out.


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