Forms & Payment Links for 2022!

Band Camp Check-In Form  

Participation Fees - New Members ($65)
New Member fees cover full uniform cleaning, summer uniform polo, black gloves, and Marching Bishops T-shirt.

Participation Fees - Veteran Members ($40)
Veteran fees cover full uniform cleaning, black gloves, and Marching Bishops T-shirt.

Instrument Loan Form
Complete this form if checking out equipment or an instrument from the university for the marching season. This form should be completed onsite at Sanborn Hall once you've reviewed the condition of your instrument/equipment.

SONG SUGGESTIONS for the Marching Bishops!

Old Google Forms for Fall 2021 marching season:

Volunteer Sign Up for the 2021 Marching Season
Band parents and OWU students: We need your help! Tasks include snack preparation, carrying our parade banner, festival event staff, tailgating crew, plus many other adventures. Sign up here to become part of our support team!

Alumni Band Sign Up for Homecoming 2021 (Due by Friday, 9/24/21)
If you’d like to participate in the Homecoming Pregame Show on Saturday, October 2 as part of the OWU Alumni Band, please complete this form by Friday, 9/24/21. A limited inventory of instruments is available. If you need to reserve an instrument, we will do our best to provide what you need on a first come, first served basis.

Intent to Enroll in The Marching Bishops (Due ASAP)
If you've not yet enrolled in the Marching Bishops (MUSP 017), completing this form holds a spot for you in the band, but you'll still need to register via Self Service when the registration portal opens at the start of the fall semester.

ResLife Check-in Confirmation for Band Camp (Due ASAP)
Participation in Band Camp is a requirement for membership in the Marching Bishops. All students move in early to their campus residence before band camp and must complete this form to confirm their check-in and move-in time with ResLife. The university covers all dining costs for Marching Bishop members during band camp. Commuting students do not need to complete this form.

Fall Semester Marching Bishops Check-In (Due before the first meeting of band camp) This form organizes multiple pieces of personal information to plan a successful and safe marching season. Students should read the 2021 Band Handbook before completing this form to become familiar with the required responsibilities of membership in the Marching Bishops.

Audition for Part Assignments (Due by August 1, 2021)
Membership in the Marching Bishops is open to all students of all abilities and auditions are used to determine part assignments only. Please complete this form to receive specific audition instructions and to indicate your preference for a video or live audition process. All video auditions are due by August 5, 2021 and live auditions will be offered in the Sanborn Band Room on August 6, 2021 from noon - 3:00 PM.

If you don't currently have your marching instrument, no worries - you're spot is safe in band! But please complete this form to help us prepare all the equipment we need. We might be able to provide an instrument early if you're in the central Ohio area.

All parts and exercises are available on the Practice Parts subpage. Memorization is not required for the audition.

  • Woodwinds and Brass
    Prepare a performance of the OWU Fight Song (NEW 2021 arrangement) and the OWU Alma Mater (NEW 2021 arrangement). Fight Song should be dotted quarter note = 132; Alma Mater should be quarter note = 100. 

  • Drumline
    For students interested in Snare, Tenors, and/or Bass Drum, please prepare the OWU Fight Song (NEW 2021 arrangement) as written, and the "Stone Stick Control" exercise (under "Band Chorales & Exercises" at the bottom of the PDF Practice Parts page). If you have access to the proper instruments, please perform on them if possible. If not, a pad will work fine. The fight song tempo should be dotted quarter note = 132, and the stone stick control is quarter note = 90 (please do all repeats). 

    Students exclusively interested in cymbals may prepare the Fight Song cymbal part only.
  • Color Guard and Auxiliary
    Prepare the flag and/or twirler skills listed on the Practice Parts subpage under "Color Guard and Auxiliary"