Strategic Directions Information Services at Ohio Wesleyan University

Mission of Information Services

Information Services serves as an information and technology catalyst for educational, personal, and professional growth for the Ohio Wesleyan University community. We achieve this mission through excellent customer service, teamwork, professionalism, and leadership.

Strategic Goals

The Information Services Strategic Plan defines five goals that support Ohio Wesleyan University’s 2009-2020 Strategic Plan, builds on current strengths, signals commitment to our core mission, and positions us for future success. This document will serve as a guide for Information Services in making decisions, setting priorities, and developing initiatives to support the OWU community.

GOAL 1: Bring your own device (BYOD) Expanding services and infrastructure to support personally owned technologies

Students, Faculty, and Staff are bringing their own technology to campus at a higher rate than ever. They expect these devices will be able to be used in our environment with minimal setup effort. This includes wired and wireless networks, printing, and basic support for devices that are not owned by the university. We must create an infrastructure that allows these devices to serve as an extension of what we provide.


● Create a wireless printing solution for faculty, staff, and students

● Design areas for charging laptops

● Evaluate easier access to wireless for guests

● Incorporate BYOD into building renovations

GOAL 2: Business Intelligence Capabilities Develop new reporting and analytic services across multiple data sources

Our best of breed ERP solution has many reports available. However, only a limited number of staff have the ability to aggregate data across sources. Easy to use dashboards and analytics are needed to drive business decisions.


● Create dashboards of key university metrics

● Enhance analytical reporting capabilities

● Enhance ability to report across multiple ERP systems Reviewed and approved by the Campus Technology Council on May 2, 2013

GOAL 3: Mobile Solutions Increase ability for the OWU community to operate from any location worldwide

Nearly all of our students, faculty and staff have a mobile device. Smartphones and tablets provide new capabilities to consume information at any time and location. We aim to expand our mobile offerings to meet these new expectations and aim to continue our leadership among the GLCA.


● Strengthen leadership in mobile offerings among peer institutions

● Develop authenticated services within OWU Mobile (myGrades, myAdvisees, etc)

● Enhance and communicate mobile enabled services available to OWU community

GOAL 4: Instructional Technology Continue to research new pedagogy, delivery methods, and techniques to assist our faculty

Hybrid and flipped classrooms, as well as MOOC’s, are having an impact on the higher education market. Though it is difficult to determine which, if any, will significantly change how we educate our students, it is important to stay abreast of the options and trends. We aim to serve as a resource to the faculty and administration as they make pedagogical decisions relating to technology.


● Identify and communicate online and mobile content and resources that may be used to improve learning at OWU

● Highlight faculty and student success stories and increase awareness

● Support the flipped classroom

● Stay abreast of changes in course delivery methods

GOAL 5: Administrative Efficiencies Reduce paper processes, streamline workflows, and apply technical solutions where there is a fit

The ever-increasing demand for support and services from our academic and administrative units requires automation where possible. This enables our talented workforce to spend more time assisting our students in meaningful ways, and reduces unnecessary steps for our clients. We strive to maximize the effectiveness of the OWU community by implementing technical solutions where necessary.

Outcomes: Reviewed and approved by the Campus Technology Council on May 2, 2013

● Perform Business Process Reviews

● Inventory of systems to better manage replacement cycles

● Collaborate w/ Ohio 5 and other universities

● Develop a long term budget forecast

* Please see this spreadsheet for a matrix of the objectives and their alignment with the Ohio Wesleyan 2009-2020 Strategic Plan * Reviewed annually by the Campus Technology Council (CTC). * This strategic plan is designed to be a fluid document to guide decisions and initiatives in Information Services. Changes may occur at any time with the approval of CTC, permitting adjustments as technology and needs shift.

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