Students have a number of options in terms of identity at OWU. Our systems allow students to select a preferred name, gender identity, and pronouns via the Self Service system.

A preferred first name is a name that you choose to use in place of your legal first name on certain university-related records or documents. You might think of a preferred first name as the name you are called in day-to-day life. Your last name must remain as your legal last name. Additionally, students may select their pronoun and gender identity.


Students who wish to change to their preferred first name may do so in Self Service using the same instructions shown for Gender Identity and Pronouns below. Your preferred first name will appear in the following systems:

  • Online Directory
  • Self-Service
  • Blackboard
  • Degree Audit
  • BishopApps (email, calendar, etc)
  • Starfish
  • Handshake
  • Sierra
  • EvaluationKIT Course Evaluations
  • Maxient Student Conduct
  • The Housing Director
  • Raiser's Edge

Your OWU Student ID card shows your preferred first name if you specified one on your admission application. Current students may have their ID card changed to a new preferred first name at no additional charge. To do so, update your preferred name in Self-Service, then go to the OWU Card ID Office to request a new ID card to match your preferred name.

Gender Identity and Pronoun options are available via Self Service using the following instructions:

  1. Login to Self-Service

  2. Select your name at top right

  3. Select “My Profile” from the Account menu

  4. Select “Preferred Name” tab

  5. Select the pencil icon to the right to edit

  6. Make your selections and be sure to click “Save”

Gender identity and pronoun information will then be available on course rosters and advisee lists in Self Service and Blackboard.

Can I use different preferred first names in each system?
No. Your preferred first name should be the same in each system.

Can my preferred first name be anything I want?
There are limits to what you may select as a preferred first name. Character limits and character restrictions are some examples. Other restrictions are set by the Registrar’s Office. Requesting a preferred first name can only be done by the individual who will be using the preferred name. Examples of preferred first names that will not be approved include:

  • Names containing offensive or inappropriate language as deemed by the Registrar
  • Names used for the purpose of misrepresentation

How often can I change my preferred name?
To prevent misunderstandings or misidentification, a preferred name change may be made only once per academic year. Identifying a preferred name is an important decision that impacts how you will be regarded on campus and should be made with careful consideration.

Where will my preferred first name be used?
The preferred first name will show up on the systems listed above. Your legal name will be used on other statements, documents, and systems, such as financial aid and billing statements, transcripts, and official enrollment/degree verifications.

How do I change my legal name with the university?
Students need to furnish the university with legal documents verifying the legal change of name, such as a court document, Social Security card, marriage certificate, or driver’s license. This will change your name on all university systems and documents. Contact the Registrar’s Office for more details.

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