French is the second most widely learned foreign language and there are currently over 220 million French speakers worldwide. French speakers have an advantage in the international job market. Speaking French opens the doors of French companies in France and other French-speaking parts of the world (Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, and North and sub-Saharan Africa).

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The French Program at OWU excels in French-language training as well as cultural training related to many regions of the French-speaking world; helps every student who wishes to do so pursue an OWU Connection experience combining their interest in the French-speaking world with their other major by the fifth semester of language and cultural study; connects all students of French to one another, thus building community; and leaves students with a clear sense of the intercultural understanding, critical thinking, oral presentation, close reading, writing, research, and argumentation skills they develop and hone along the way so that they can carry those skills with them and continue to develop them long after they have left campus.

The French Program at Ohio Wesleyan University has the following four goals related to its vision:

1.  Train students to achieve a level of linguistic excellence such that they are well prepared for such careers as translation, teaching French, working with French documents in various professions, and foreign service, among others;

2.  Mentor students in French so that each student, by the end of the fifth semester of linguistic and cultural training, has developed an OWU Connection signature project, such as a Theory-to-Practice Grant proposal, a Student-Individualized-Project proposal, has taken a Travel-Learning Course, is pursuing an internship related to French, and / or is considering an honors project;

3.  Develop interdisciplinary expertise in students by helping them make connections among their various fields of study, especially through research projects, written work, presentations both in and out of class, and signature projects;

4.  Ensure that students at the lower levels understand that the French Program, especially at the intermediate and upper levels, teaches them how to read and write effectively; trains them in the language; prepares them to think and act as a global citizen; encourages them to connect their language and culture studies with their other majors; prepares them to study and live abroad; and offers upper level courses on topics as relevant as immigration and multiculturalism, among others.

Recent graduates from the French Program at Ohio Wesleyan University have gone on to accept a Dean's Scholarship in International Security Studies at American University in Washington, D.C.; attend medical school at the University of Ghana with the goal of working with patients in French-speaking West Africa upon graduation; pursue an advanced degree in Public Policy in Berlin, Germany; teach French and coach track at Culver Academies in Indiana; teach English in France through the "Teaching Assistant Program in France"; accept a fully-funded doctoral student position in the College of Natural Science at Michigan State University; complete law school with distinction at The Ohio State University's Moritz College of Law; pursue work in Accounting at Deloitte; complete a graduate degree in translation at the University of Illinois; and more.

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