In-person auditions are ten minutes in length. If your program exceeds this amount, please be advised that pieces may not be heard in their entirety. If submitting a recording, all works must be performed in their entirety. All requirements shown below apply to both B.A. and B.M. candidates.

Violin / Viola / Cello / Double Bass
  1. Major scales in three octaves (two for double bass) with various bowings.
  2. Two contrasting works demonstrating both technical control and lyrical playing; for example—solo Bach movements, etudes*, standard concerto or sonata movements, other short pieces.
    • *Etudes including but not limited to:
      • Violin—Dont, Kreutzer, Mazas, Rode
      • Viola—Campagnoli, Fuchs, Mazas, Rode
      • Cello—Duport, Klengel, Popper
      • Bass—Hrabe, Rabbath, Simandl, Storch