Percussionists are required to audition on both snare drum and mallet percussion. Additionally, students should prepare audition material in one additional area (timpani or drumset). Students may audition on all instruments if desired. The books and pieces on this list are recommendations, not requirements. Other equivalent material may be substituted for audition repertoire.


Rudiments: Multiple bounce roll, double stroke roll, paradiddle, flam, flam tap, single drag. Concert Etude or Solo (to be performed with multiple bounce rolls): (Peters) “Intermediate Snare Drum Studies”, any etude #1-32; (Cirone) “Portraits in Rhythm”, any etude; (Benson) “Three Dances for Solo Snare Drum”, any 2 movements. Optional Rudimental Solo or Etude: (Wilcoxon) “The All American Drummer”, any etude; Contest solos.


Scales: All major scales, two octaves; Chromatic scale, 2 Mallet Solo: (Hatch) “Furioso and Valse in d minor” (Green) any xylophone rag (Zivkovic) “Funny Xylophone”, any solo. Optional 4 Mallet Solo: (Quartier) “Image” any solo (Zivkovic) “Funny Marimba” any solo (Peters) “Waves” or “Sea Refractions.”


4 timpani etude/solo from Vic Firth's Solo Timpanist, Richard Hochrainer's Etuden Fur Timpani (Book 2 or 3) or a comparable work

Tuning must also be demonstrated.


Prepared snare drum solo (comparable to Cirones Portraits in Rhythm or Tompkins French-American Rudimental Solos.)

Rudiments (knowledge of and application to the snare drum and drum set)

Soloing and trading (playing phrases, using rudiments, dynamics, etc.)

Sight-reading (large and small jazz ensemble charts, ensemble figures, chart interpretation)

Form identification and recognition (blues and rhythm changes)

The prospective student will be required to demonstrate a familiarity with and ability to play the following musical styles on the drum set:

4/4 swing at a variety of tempos
Rock styles at a variety of tempos
Bossa nova
Brush technique
Waltz time keeping

Please bring cymbals, sticks and a hi-hat clutch to the audition. A drum set will be provided. ​​