Art and Engagement

This year the SNC focuses on the myriad ways that art can impact our world. We invite you to meet with artists, writers, playwrights, dancers, singers, and thinkers and learn how they are creating change through their artistic practices, scholarship, and service.

We understand art to be an essential part of building cultural heritage, a framework for understanding ourselves in the present moment, and a means for imagining a collective future. It is a core component of a liberal arts education because it opens new spaces for critical thinking and allows people to describe their experiences. Historically, art has played a role in shaping political power, communicating scientific discoveries, recording history, and giving form to the sacred. Art has also been engaged to affect positive social change, notably in American Civil Rights and Feminist struggles. Today, community art is often used as a means to connect disparate communities with resources.

We believe that artists can help us imagine what our tomorrow may look like, so we can make better decisions today. Join us in celebrating the arts at OWU and learn about the critical role they play in developing thinking across disciplines.