Adam Moen

“The Beauty of Ohio in your Hands”

“Nature” is complex and multifaceted. It can be approached as a scientist, a humanist, and an artist. However, those alone cannot capture its complexity and importance. Nature could be the plant in your window, an untouched forest, a wildlife preserve, a tree in your backyard, and so much more. not only do we need nature to survive, but humans have the ability to help nature prosper with just a little bit of help. We use nature to make our crops, help endangered plants and wildlife, make our building materials, manufacture the things we use in everyday life, and breathe the air that plants produce. Likewise, the species we protect are able to survive because of us, the seeds we bury are able to create beautiful plants, and many of the things we produce will decompose and become one with nature over time.

But what does it mean to experience nature? To appreciate it? Throughout history, humans have had both positive and negative impacts on the world around us. But no matter what we do, nature is something we rely on. So how do we promote environmental and sustainability practices? Something I have learned during my time here at OWU is that experience is the best way to gain appreciation. To be able to understand and care about something, you have to get to know it. However, with the Covid-19 Pandemic, it has become harder and harder for people to go outside and enjoy nature. 

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The objective of this project was to find a creative and integrative way to encourage people to think about care about environmental issues without having to leave OWU’s campus. The outcome was a tangible book that was distributed to various faculty, staff, students, and community members. I traveled from Lake Erie to Hocking Hills to take pictures of the nature that is available right here in Ohio. Each photo was paired with an original poem designed to not only showcase nature but bring positivity to the reader. The book encourages readers to share the book with others and share the positivity it brings.

Click here to view the full 40-page book online.

Behind the Photo

Some photos were harder to take than others-- be it the editing process or the actual act of taking the picture.

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