The Faculty Personnel Committee for 2019-2020 consists of these seven faculty:

  • Laurel Anderson (Botany-Microbiology)
  • Kristina Bogdanov (Fine Arts)
  • Christopher Fink (Health and Human Kinetics)
  • James Franklin (Politics and Government)
  •  Shala Hankison (Zoology)
  • Randolph Quaye (Black World Studies)
  • Barbara Terzian (History)

The Provost is considered a member of the Committee, but according to the Faculty Handbook he is “...not considered a voting member when the issue on the floor of the committee concerns a recommendation to the administration.”


The duties of the Faculty Personnel Committee are enumerated in Chapter 2, Section B, part 2 of the Faculty Handbook. These duties are

  1. To develop for faculty consideration recommendations on policies related to the employment and reappointment of faculty members, their promotions, tenure, merit increases, and leaves of absence.
  2. To evaluate faculty members for retention, promotion, tenure, merit increases, and leaves of absences and to recommend on individual cases to the administration; to recommend to the administration appointments to vacant endowed or named chairs.
  3. To evaluate the performance of the Provost and the Dean(s) of Academic Affairs and to report these evaluations to the President of the University. These evaluations will be performed in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years of service and every four years thereafter, unless more frequent evaluations are deemed necessary by the Committee. Reviews also will be performed in years when a search is being conducted for a new President or Provost.
  4. As a full committee, to interview candidates for the senior ranks (full and associate professors) and to make recommendations in regard to their appointment.
  5. To provide a member of the committee to work with two faculty members appointed by the Provost to interview all candidates in other than senior ranks for each particular position or vacancy.
  6. To recommend to the President of the University the recipients of the Welch Meritorious Teaching Award and for the Sherwood Dodge Shankland Award for Encouragement of Teachers.
  7. To contribute to the annual performance evaluation of the people who report directory to the Provost, except the Dean of Academic Affairs, by collecting evaluative comments from faculty and reporting a summary to the Provost. Comments will be collected beginning in the second year of service and every three years thereafter unless a greater frequency is deemed necessary by the Committee.