The primary responsibilities of the Committee on Academic Programs (CAP) are to "(1) review the functioning of academic programs as needed, taking into consideration the academic plan of the institution; and to bring recommendations to the Faculty regarding: (a) changes in course offerings, including temporary, permanent, summer, and online courses; (b) changes to a major or minor; (c) University wide requirements and policies including competency and distribution requirements; (d) changes in the academic program structure of the University, including the creation or termination of academic programs"; and (2) "[t]o collect program reviews from all academic programs and to work with the Provost's office to ensure that all program reviews are stored securely and accessible to the Faculty."

What follows are time frames, forms, policies and procedures, and curricular information related to CAP's responsibilities. If faculty have questions about any items on this site, please email for further information.  


The following are typical time frames for CAP business. Consult CAP's email announcements for specific deadlines in a given semester. 

  • Course Proposals: By the end of the third full week of classes of the semester prior to the semester in which the course would be offered

  • Core Competency Proposals: Shortly before Fall Break and Spring Break.

  • Curricular Change & Departmental Curricular Change Memos: On a rolling basis 

  • Travel-Learning Course Proposals: Shortly before the start of Spring semester

Tentative Due Dates for AY 24-25

Fall 2024

  • Course Proposals due: Friday, September 13, 2024

  • Course Competency Submissions due: Friday, September 27, 2024 

  • Curricular changes, minors, majors: rolling

Spring 2025

  • Travel-Learning Course Proposals: January 13, 2024

  • Course Proposals due: February 7, 2025  

  • Course Competency Submissions due: February 21, 2025

  • Curricular changes, minors, majors: rolling


  • Core Competency Proposal Form: Use this form to propose a core competency designation for an existing course.

  • NEW Course Proposal Form: Use this form to propose new courses. Sign in by clicking on the OWU logo, and choose 'Course Proposal Form' under 'Forms.'

  • Temporary to Permanent Course Proposal Form: This form is ONLY to be used if you have a previously approved temporary course that you want to transition to a permanent course. (Please note that the course should be taught at least two (2) times on a temporary basis before being proposed for permanent addition to the curriculum.)

  • Curricular Change Memo: Use this form to submit curricular changes, including changes to pre-requisites and individual courses, as well as changes to majors and minors.

  • Travel Learning Course Proposal:  Use this form to propose a travel-learning course. Proposals will be reviewed and ranked by the committee; final approvals will be made by the administration. Consult the Travel Learning Courses Faculty Resources page for further information.

Policies & Procedures

General Education Curriculum

Curricular Archive

General Education Reform

The following are materials that were shared with the faculty as part of the process of General Education reform from Spring 2021 to Spring 2022.