OWjL Camp 2023 Dates:

Week 1 - June 11 to 16  - students currently, as of today, are in grades 6 & 7
Week 2 - June 18 to 23 - students currently, as of today, are in grades 7 & 8
Week 3 - June 25 to 30 - students currently, as of today, are in grades 6 & 7

If you have any questions, please email us at owjl@owu.edu.

Greetings from OWjL, where plans are underway for our 42nd summer camp in 2023! If you have not had previous experience with OWjL, we hope you will read the information on this website and consider our program in planning your summer schedule. If you have been an OWjL camper or parent in the past, we welcome you back! OWjL is designed to meet the intellectual, social, and emotional needs of gifted and talented middle school students in Central Ohio. It offers a place for students to learn new ideas, be challenged, and interact with others who have similar abilities.

The academic program of OWjL features a curriculum with classes in humanities, creative arts, mathematics, science, logic, and computers. Campers also participate in a variety of cultural, recreational, and social activities. The setting at Ohio Wesleyan University provides a campus experience with full 24-hour supervision by adult counselors. While academic guidelines are used in the competitive admissions process, creativity, talent, leadership, and a desire to learn are also part of the evaluation consideration. Qualified current 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Tuition for our 2023 camp is TBD. This fee covers the entire cost of the program. Financial assistance is available. Through the generous support of Ohio Wesleyan University, numerous corporations, community groups, and individuals, we are able to offer a substantial scholarship program. Each student scholarship is based upon demonstrated need and typically ranges from 20-100 percent of the camp fee. First consideration for scholarship support will be given to new applicants; however, financial aid recipients from previous years are eligible to reapply. A financial aid application is part of the application process and will appear in your application portal.

The link to access the application is below. A complete application includes: Household and Child Information, Student Essay and Application, two Teacher Recommendations, and a Student Academic Record (completed by a school GT teacher, counselor, or principal). The application deadline is January 31, 2023. We urge you to be prompt in completing the applications as the number of students who apply to OWjL Camp exceeds available space. 

2023 Camp Dates

Week 1 - June 11 to 16  - students currently, as of today, are in grades 6 & 7
Week 2 - June 18 to 23 - students currently, as of today, are in grades 7 & 8
Week 3 - June 25 to 30 - students currently, as of today, are in grades 6 & 7

Start a New OWjL Application

  • Parent/guardians please request your access to the OWjL Application Portal here, you will then be provided a link to complete your forms. The initial account must be set up by a parent/guardian. 

Application Steps

  1. Parents/guardians request access to an OWjL Application. They submit the names and email addresses of their children who are applying.
  2. Students get an email invitation from the OWjL office to submit their application and essay, along with the names and email address of two teachers who will provide recommendations and one GT teacher, guidance counselor, or principal who will provide qualifying academic information.
  3. Teachers and school personnel will get an email from the OWjL office to submit their information and forms.
  4. The application process is now complete. 

Important Things to Know

  • The applicant's parent begins the application process. We are working to automate notifications when everything is submitted and complete. It is the responsibility of the applicant and his or her parent to ensure that all forms are received by the deadline.
  • Incomplete applications will not be processed.
  • No faxed, emailed, or mailed applications can be accepted.
  • Do not send money with the application.
  • Be considerate of school personnel and request references well in advance of deadlines.
  • Complete your application on time. The number of students who apply exceeds the available spaces and late applications will be added to the wait list.

Essay Prompt Information for 2023

The goal of the student essay is to help the OWjL staff get to know you on a more individual basis. It provides you with an opportunity to share your interests, abilities, and creativity.

Choose only one question listed below and respond in 250 words or less. Originality, uniqueness of thought, organization, and correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar will help us select OWjL participants. 

  1. TBD
  2. TBD


  • Application - Camper applications must be submitted in the application portal by January 31st.
  • Financial Aid - If you are applying for financial aid, you must submit a completed financial aid application with a copy of the required supporting documentation before March 1st. If you indicate an interest in financial aid, the application will appear in your application portal. You will be applying for financial aid BEFORE you know if your child has been accepted.

OWjL Camp


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