Critical to the experience of OWjL is the diversity of the student population. At least 19% of our students receive a full or partial scholarship. A single scholarship costs $680 and covers the student’s tuition, food and housing for a one-week session. OWjL is a non-profit organization and receives no public funds.

Experts agree that the needs of gifted and talented middle school students are unique. Unfortunately, these needs are not being met by the schools in the state of Ohio. Over 80 percent of Ohio's identified gifted students did not receive special services during the 2018-2019 school year. OWjL strives to bridge that gap by offering these truly gifted students the type of classes and interactions that they cannot find elsewhere.

We invite you to join us in our efforts to motivate and challenge our talented students. You can provide the financial support needed for a child to attend this special camp. This is an investment in the future!

Program Sponsors

  • Columbus Bar Association Alliance
  • Consolidated Electric Foundation Inc
  • Ingram-White Castle Foundation
  • Junior League of Columbus, Inc.
  • Kroger Community Rewards Program
  • Support For Talented Students
  • William Street United Methodist Church Foundation Inc
  • OWjL Advisory Board Members
  • OWjL Instructors
  • Parents, Family, and Friends of OWjL

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