The OWjL Program

The OWjL Program grew out of a two-year study by a task force formed by the Junior League of Columbus. OWjL's first program was held on the campus of Ohio Wesleyan University in the summer of 1982 and consisted of two one-week sessions of camp. Through the years, it has expanded into three one-weeks residential camp sessions, a one-week day camp, and several workshops.

This task force determined that there was a critical need for talented and gifted education for seventh through ninth graders because:

  • Low-level funding from state and federal agencies precluded widespread, quality programs for talented and gifted students within their school system.
  • Students in this age group were often not included in school-sponsored gifted programs because these programs did not yet extend into middle or junior high levels.
  • Middle and secondary schools alone cannot meet all the needs for new and creative experiences for talented and gifted children.

OWjL's first program was held on the campus of Ohio Wesleyan University in the summer of 1981 and consisted of two one-week sessions of camp. Because of the need expressed by teachers, counselors, and parents, the 1984 OWjL Program was expanded to include 6th grade students in addition to the original 7th, 8th, and 9th graders. Consequently in 1985, an additional one-week session was added to the existing two one-week sessions. Attendance continues to rise each year. In 1993, OWjL eligibility was limited to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students and 510 campers participated in the program.

What People Have to Say About OWjL

"My child loved the camp, much more than we had expected. Whatever you did was spot on for her. Thank you."

– Parent of an OWjL Camper

"My son had a great time and learned so much--including social skills. I love that OWjL camp did not allow electronics so he could be fully engaged in the experience and make new friends. We will definitely be back!"

– Parent of an OWjL Camper

"Everybody is super nice and relatable. The classes are fun and challenging. The counselors all try and connect with you even if you're not in their group. They really care and that's a big thing."

- OWjL Camper


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