Identify the purpose.

  • What is the purpose of your organization?
  • What is the purpose for hosting event/program?
  • How does this event/program align with the organization's values and purpose?
  • Have you considered collaborating with other organizations or offices/departments on campus?

What is going on currently on campus that might be effecting your organization and/or its purpose? Identify what type of event/activity you would like to host.

  • Who is your target audience? What would your audience respond to?
  • What is the goal of your event? What would you like to accomplish through this event?
  • What is realistic - budget, timeline, resources, facilities, etc.?

Consider establishing partnerships with other organizations/departments to assist with the planning, funding, and execution of the event.

  • Does a department or student organization have resources they can share to help plan and execute the program?
  • Would partnering with another person/group enhance the experience for participants and/or the number of participants?

Decide on a date and time for the event/program. 

  • Check the OWU calendar for events already planned
  • Review Ad Astra for spaces that may already be reserved for an event
  • What day/time works best for your intended audience? Would a certain day/time exclude people?

Consider the best location and facilities to host event. Then, reserve a space & register the event on Engage.

  • Reserve the space on Ad Astra
  • Register the event on Engage
  • If the event is off campus: 
    • Contact vendor about hosting event for a specific date and time
    • Complete the Professional Contract Request Form on Engage and collaborate with the Student Involvement Office to obtain/complete necessary permits or contracts
    • Will you be providing transportation? 
      • If so, complete the Travel and Transportation form on Engage to reserve OWU transportation. It is not guarantee your vehicle(s) are booked until it is approved by the SIO.
  • Considerations:  
    • What are your space needs?
    • How many people do you anticipate attending?
    • How much room will they need to participate in the activity?
    • How should you arrange the space? 
    • If your event is outdoors, will you need a rain location/date?
    • What is your plan to ensure people arrive safety to and from your event?

Create a budget.

  • Determine your current budget and BE REALISTIC
  • Consider submitting a WCSA budget request or utilizing other campus funding sources
    • How to request WCSA funding
  • All student organization purchases must go through the SIO Student Purchasing Coordinator. Schedule an appointment for online purchases or checking out a University credit card. Appointments are available only during the spring and fall semester. 
  • Considerations:
    • Supplies, food, drinks, travel, maintenance, marketing, rental equipment/ AV, co-sponsorships, Buildings and Grounds requests, security, vendors, production, etc.
    • Is this program is worth the cost/participant?
    • Will you be charging admission for the event? If so, how will you be collecting money?
    • Will you have an RSVP for the event?

Create an event timeline.

  • Outline all essential decisions and responsibilities needed to be completed before, during, and after event
  • Week of the event: confirm all requests, host an event walkthrough with vendors, last marketing pitch, have participants complete an evaluation, coordinate/confirm volunteers and assignments
  • After the event: clean up the space, send thank yous, compile evaluation results, assess strengths and areas for improvement

Implement an advertising campaign.

  • Posters, social media, HWCC TVs, table tents, emails, word of mouth, chalk sidewalks, giveaways, etc. - think outside the box!
  • Remember to include WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, and maybe even WHY/HOW? Remember to include your club's organization's social medial on all advertising materials!
  • Post your event to the OWU Daily. 
  • Review the University posting policy. 

Coordinate and execute event logistics.

  • Who will be completing and executing responsibilities? Be sure to assign responsibilities to volunteers. 
  • Who will be the day of contact for on and of campus vendors?
  • How are you communicating event details to volunteers, attendees, vendors, etc.?
  • Considerations:
    • Buildings & Grounds requests, sound and technology requests, items to purchase, confirm volunteers, reserve caterer, room setup, waivers, and rosters.
    • Be sure to revisit and confirm logistics closer to the event. 

After your event

  • Return resources and equipment
  • Review the event with attendees, partners, etc. to determine strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Send thank yous to sponsors, helpful individuals, departments, etc.

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