If your event has more than 10 people, you must register your event on Engage. Please check out the Event Planning Checklist for more tips and pointers for planning a successful event!

  1. Identify the purpose and community/organization needs.
    • What is the purpose of your organization?
    • How can that be demonstrated?
    • What is going on currently on campus that might be effecting your organization and/or its purpose?
  2. Identify what type of event/activity you would like to host.

    • Who is your target audience? What would your audience respond to?
    • What is the goal of your event? What would you like to accomplish through this event?
    • What is realistic?
  3. Consider establishing partnerships with other organizations/departments to assist with the planning, funding, and execution of the event.

    • Does a department or student organization have resources they can share to help plan and execute the program?
    • Would partnering with another person/group enhance the experience for participants and/or the number of participants?
  4. Decide on a date and time for the event/program. 

    • Check the OWU calendar for events already planned.
    • Review Ad Astra for spaces that may already be reserved for an event.
    • What day/time works best for your intended audience? Would a certain day/time exclude people?
  5. Consider location and facilities to best host the event. Then, reserve a space & register the event on Engage.

    • What are your space needs?
    • How many people do you anticipate attending?
    • How much room will they need to participate in the activity?
    • How should you arrange the space? 
    • If your event is outdoors, will you need a rain location/date?
    • Register the event on Engage.
  6. Create a budget.
    • Determine your current budget and BE REALISTIC
    • Things to consider: supplies, food/snacks, travel, maintenance, marketing, rental equipment/ AV, co-sponsorships, Buildings and Grounds requests, security
    • Consider whether the program is worth the cost/participant 
    • Purchases can be made by reserving and using a University Credit Card. Student organizations can schedule an appointment with the SIO Student Purchasing Coordinator. 
  7. Create an event timeline.
    • Outline all essential decisions/activities needed to be completed before, during, and after event
    • Week of the event: confirm all requests, last marketing pitch, have participants complete an evaluation, coordinate/confirm volunteers and assignments
    • After the event: clean up the space, send thank yous, compile evaluation results, assess strengths and areas for improvement
  8. Request funding from WCSA and/or fundraise.
    • Student clubs and organizations must be in good standing with the Student Involvement Office in order to receive WCSA funding.
    • Submit a WCSA budget request. 
  9. Implement an advertising campaign

    • Posters, social media, HWCC TVs, table tents, emails, word of mouth, chalk sidewalks, giveaways, etc. - think outside the box!
    • Remember to include WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, and maybe even WHY/HOW? Remember to include your club's organization's social medial on all advertising materials!
    • Post your event to the OWU Daily. 
  10. Coordinate and execute event/activity logistics
    • Things to consider: maintenance requests, sound and technology requests, items to purchase, confirm volunteers, reserve caterer, room setup, travel waiver, and rosters. Be sure to revisit and confirm logistics closer to the event. 

After your event

Follow-up and evaluate
  • Return resources and equipment
  • Review the event with attendees, partners, etc. to determine strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Send thank yous to sponsors, helpful individuals, departments, etc.

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