Ohio Wesleyan University, a private liberal arts university founded in 1842, is committed to the democratic process and, as evidenced by our historic Mock Presidential Nominating Convention, to providing opportunities for our students to witness, participate in, and engage with the election process.

With this longstanding commitment, the University will work with any ballot-approved candidate for public office who desires to visit campus. For an event to be held on the Ohio Wesleyan campus, the following conditions must be met:

  • The event must be open to anyone who wishes to attend. (Attendance cannot be restricted to known supporters of the candidate.)
  • Event organizers are not permitted to remove peaceful protesters unless deemed necessary by OWU Public Safety or Delaware Police Department officers for the safety of event participants or others on campus.
  • If the event occurs when classes are in session, guests cannot park in lots restricted to persons holding OWU-issued parking permits.
  • Nothing about the event will be permitted to interfere with the normal operations of the University, with particular concern for protecting the classroom environment and for allowing students to move freely along their normal pathways.
  • The University will designate space for protestors.
  • The campaign must reimburse the University for any expenses accrued as a result of the event, including but not limited to facility rental, housekeeping, catering, and security expenses.
  • The campaign is responsible for any damage to University property that is a direct result of its presence/event on campus.
  • The campaign must provide general liability insurance that includes Ohio Wesleyan as an “additional insured” for the date(s) its event takes place on campus. (The University requires outside events to have a minimum of $1 million in general liability coverage.)
  • The campaign must agree to hold Ohio Wesleyan harmless of and free from any and all liability and loss that the campaign and/or its agents may suffer for any reason, except that which is directly caused by the negligent acts or deliberate misconduct of the owner of the premises or its agents.
  • The presence of event security, whether OWU Public Safety and/or Delaware Police Department officers, is mandatory and non-negotiable. Security consultations with OWU Public Safety and/or Delaware Police Department officers also are required. 
  • Event organizers are not permitted to approach University students and employees but must wait to be approached before engaging in conversation, debate, and other communication.

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