Sherwood Dodge Shankland Award for Encouragement of Teachers (2017)

2017 Commencement Excerpt

Dr. Fink is that faculty member who pays close attention to the needs of his students and offers  compassionate advice that allows them to succeed in challenging situations. He has actively engaged students in The OWU Connection through his participation in the Food Course Connection, Travel-Learning Courses, and Theory-to-Practice grants that challenge students to better understand the source, economics, and impact of food on individuals and their culture.

One of his colleagues commented: “In all of my dealings with Chris that focus on teaching, I am struck by the intentionality and thoughtful self-reflection with which Chris approaches his course design and class implementation.

While faculty members may tweak a course from year to year, Chris is not afraid to engage in major course overhauls if he believes the new format/approach/content will serve his students better.”

One of his students commented: “Dr. Fink has been a great professor. He is very effective and always willing to help. He is always available to talk whether it is class relevant or about anything.”

It is a pleasure to present this award to Dr. Christopher Fink.


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