Libuse L. Reed Endowed Professorship

The Libuse L. Reed Endowed Professorship announced in May 2003 is being funded through the gifts from “Libby’s” friends and former students who attended Ohio Wesleyan during her tenure here from 1951-1984.

The chair was established to honor Libby Reed’s demanding teaching style which influenced the careers and lives of her students, all of whom she now calls “friend.” Few professors’ influence crossed as many disciplines as did that of Libby Reed; for that reason all professors, no matter their area of concentration, shall be eligible for consideration.

The chair, named for a distinguished professor emerita, shall have as its honored recipient a professor who exemplifies the same teaching values that Libuse L. Reed portrayed during her tenure at Ohio Wesleyan. This recipient shall show academic discipline; he or she shall help students acquire the habits that build a foundation for intellectual outreach and the integration of all areas of knowledge to enrich their lives. This recipient shall also be accessible to provide empathy and encouragement to students, not only in the classroom but as adviser and through extracurricular activities.

A committee of ten people to include six students and four faculty members from FPC shall determine the actual recipient from a pool of nominations from students and faculty.

The chair is to be awarded for a period of not more than two years and shall be accompanied by a stipend. All recipients will be eligible for the award again after five years. It need not be awarded each year if no one is adjudged worthy of this honor. The announcement of the first recipient of the Libuse L. Reed Endowed Chair will be for the 2005-2006 academic year and shall be announced at commencement and again during Alumni Weekend festivities 2005 and every year thereafter during Libby Reed’s lifetime.

If, in the opinion of the Trustees, all or part of the funds cannot be applied in strict conformance with the purpose previously stated, they may use these funds for other appropriate purposes as nearly aligned to the original intents of the donor as good conscience and need dictate within the authorized powers of the University.

List of Awardees