This award is intended to recognize distinguished scholarly or artistic achievement among Ohio Wesleyan University faculty members. All full- time teaching faculty members who have been employed at Ohio Wesleyan for at least eight years are eligible to be nominated. The award will consist of a certificate and a cash grant in an amount not to exceed the amount of the Welch Meritorious Teaching Award, and will be made at Commencement (or other appropriate ceremony). Persons who have once received the award are not eligible to receive it a second time. The names of award winners will be entered on an appropriate plaque, to be displayed permanently in an appropriate place on campus.


  1. The award may be given for a distinguished body of work or for an individual accomplishment.
  2. Scholarship that has been disseminated to and evaluated by disciplinary peers beyond the OWU community or the presentation or exhibition of creative work to the larger community will carry more weight than work that has been shared only within the university community.


  1. The Faculty Personnel Committee shall recommend to the President a recipient of the award in any given year. Members of the Committee and faculty spouses of members shall not be eligible.
  2. By means of an appropriate general announcement, faculty, staff, students, and alumni may suggest candidates to the Faculty Personnel Committee.
  3. The name of the person selected shall be kept secret until the time of actual award.

List of Awardees