The Sherwood Dodge Shankland Award for Encouragement of Teachers was established in 1963-64 by Mr. and Mrs. William H. Ryan of Sacramento, California, to identify, encourage, and honor Ohio Wesleyan faculty members with high potential as teachers. The award will consist of a cash grant and a certificate, and will be made at Commencement (or other appropriate ceremony).

Candidates for the award must have been full-time members of the Ohio Wesleyan teaching staff for at least three years prior to the year of selection, and have had less than ten years total experience in the teaching field, including public school teaching and proportionately computed college part-time teaching (such as graduate assistant teaching).


The criteria shall be essentially those used in selecting for the Welch Award, appropriately modified to apply to younger members of the Faculty.


  1. The Faculty Personnel Committee shall recommend to the President a recipient of the award in any given year. Members of the Committee and faculty spouses of members shall not be eligible.
  2. By means of an appropriate general announcement, faculty, staff, students, and alumni may suggest candidates to the Faculty Personnel Committee.
  3. The name of the person selected shall be kept secret until the time of actual award.

List of Awardees