Rachael Quick ’17

Project TitleThrough the Lens of Realism: The Documentary Genre
Other Student Participants – Elikem Gadzekpo ’17, Mariama Goodwin ’17
Mentor – Ana Oancea

This collaborative research presentation starts by theorizing the ideal documentary based on Gregory Currie’s work and that of Aufderheide, and then evaluates to what extent the realities of filmmaking, both intellectual (such as a director’s style) and practical (such as cutting and editing practices) shape the documentary. To test this definition, and because one of the key aspects of documentaries is that they mimic reality, we then apply this frame to fictional films that through their choice of subject are highly realistic. In the course where this research is being produced, the films all deal with the French educational system, so our examples will be drawn from films such as Barratier’s Les Choristes, and Ozon’s Dans la maison. Analyzing the depiction of reality, we would look at how student teacher relationships are portrayed. We will turn to the arguments being advanced by each film, either fictional or non-fictional, and conclude on the relationship between their arguments and their genre.

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