2015 Nigerian Presidential Election: A New Reality Memme Onwudiwe Dr. James Franklin Info
A Preliminary Study of Tanzanian Perceptions of African Americans Shelli Reeves Dr. Judylyn Ryan Info
A Recursive Formulation for a Rank Sum Statistic Used to Detect Genomic Copy Number Variation Nam Tran Hoang Dr. Craig Jackson Info
A Spanish Noir Short Film Kyle Hendershot, Jack Kubicki, Chase Leaders, Kati Molnar, and Tyler Wake Dr. Eva Paris-Huesca Info
An Exploration of the Structure, Dynamics, and Impact on Quality of Life of Selected Short Food Supply Chains (SFSCs) in Italy and the United States Nathan Madonich and Sara Scinto Dr. Christopher Fink Info
An Investigation of College Student Illness Sarah Love Dr. Vicki DiLillo Info
Aristotle and the Explosive Vegetable: Exploring Classical Thought in Modern Logic Eugene Lim Dr. Jeffrey Nunemacher Info
Being Bossy and Being Female: Gender Effects on Identity Management Megan Buys Dr. Melanie Henderson Info
Called It! The Intersection of Sexual Orientation Perception, Attraction, and Community Embeddedness Kyle Simon Dr. Sarah Bunnell Info
Carbon Fixation and Recycling Via Microbial Mats Jordan Brown Dr. David Markwardt Info
Creating Consent Culture in Early Childhood Classrooms Zoe Morris Dr. Katherine Glenn-Applegate Info
Development of a Brain Controlled Video Game Jongwoon Kim Dr. Christian Fink Info
Draft Sustainability Plan for OWU GEOG 499 - Seminar: OWU Campus Sustainability Plan Dr. John Krygier and the Sustainability Task Force Info
Evaluating the Tectonic History of the Chugach-Prince William Terrane Through Geochemistry and Petrography of Orca Group Volcanic Rocks in Eastern Prince William Sound, Alaska Elaine Young Dr. Karen Fryer Info
Fluctuating Asymmetry as a Conservation Management Tool for Indicator Species of the Open Longleaf Pin Forest Ecosystem Emily Webb Dr. Shala Hankison Info
Hereford Mappa Mundi as Guide to Salvation Sarah Thomas Dr. Ellen Arnold Info
Historical Trauma and Cultural Embeddedness in the Lakota People: Links to Narrative Characteristics Suzanne (Annie) Pappenhagen Dr. Sarah Bunnell Info
Impact of Male:Female Ratio on Male Mating Behaviors of Poecilia latipinna Shane Gorbett Dr. Shala Hankison Info
Isolation of Corn Stalks Degrading Microbes from Soil Yuxiao Tan Dr. Laura Tuhela-Reuning Info
Oil Drilling in ‘Post-Neoliberal’ Ecuador and its Impact on Indigenous Autonomy in the Yasuní Hannah Sampson Dr. Jeremy Baskes Info
On the Noosphere and the Nature of Thought: Towards an Object-Oriented Ontological Perspective of Thinking Abhinandan Biswas Dr. Sally Livingston Info
Pedals Khoa Lam Dr. Jennifer Jolley Info
Professional and Sexual Identities in the Workplace Jacob Henicheck and Kyle Simon Dr. Melanie Henderson Info
SecuraBand Mira Singhal Dr. Dan Charna Info
The Birds and the Bees: Talking About Sex in Tanzania Mary Katherine Caja Dr. Randy Quaye Info
The Feeling’s in the Beat Caitlen Sellers Dr. Nancy Gamso Info
The Impact of Explicit L1 Knowledge on the Retention of Grammar Concepts in Beginning L2 Students Emily Keiser Dr. David Counselman Info
The Impact of Stress on Episodic vs. Semantic Memory Kaitlyn Kropf and Katie Swindler Dr. Lynda Hall Info
The Irrelevance of Free Will and Moral Responsibility Lucas Peters Dr. Erin Flynn Info
The Motility and Chemotaxis of Bacillus spp. Isolated from Songbird Plumage Madeline Vroom Dr. Laura Tuhela-Reuning Info
The Poaching Crisis: Leaving Rhino Orphans Helpless Shannon Schlater Dr. Shala Hankison Info
The Search for Pyramid-Like Shape in 70Ge Khanh Le Dr. Robert Haring-Kaye Info

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