Project Title: Draft Sustainability Plan for OWU
Students: GEOG 499 - Seminar: OWU Campus Sustainability Plan
Mentors: Dr. John Krygier and the Sustainability Task Force

Students in GEOG 499 and faculty member John Krygier are creating a draft sustainability plan for campus during the spring of 2015, and propose to present our work at the 2015 OWU Student Symposium.

Here at OWU we have a strong and growing interest in sustainability among faculty, staff, and students. We also don’t have a sustainability coordinator, comprehensive knowledge of sustainability methods, or much money to work with. This situation at OWU provides us with an interesting educational challenge and opportunity. Can a group of students, staff, and faculty move sustainability on campus forward in a systematic manner? We need to bring together diverse individuals, groups and efforts on campus into a coherent sustainability plan documenting what has been done, but also, importantly, what can be done in the future.

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David Markwardt, Associate Dean of the OWU Connection